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This, That, and the Other

The training on Human Trafficking that I went to yesterday was wonderfully held at Meijer Gardens

During the lunch break and after the training ended, there was time to snap a few pictures.


wild oats


clown with Chaundog Meijer Garden 100617

clown, balancing circus dog.  The dog looks a lot like my now-passed-away Chaun.

frog with sycamore Meijer Garden 100617

frog under sycamore

Wardian Case Meijer Garden 100617

Wardian Case, Meijer Gardens Victorian Garden 100617

orchids meijer garden 100617

Mounted orchid hanging in the Victorian Garden (indoors)

The Kiss by Rodin at Meijer Garden 100617

Unbelievably, Rodin is to be found in the gallery.  The Kiss

another Rodin Head of Balthazar

Another Rodin.  Forgot the name.

art prize monstrosity

Then there is THIS Art Prize monstrosity

I will say this for it:  it has an interesting shadow on the wall.

shadow on the wall

And finally, this Art Prize entry:

electronic face Art Prize entry (not sure the name of it)

5 thoughts on “This, That, and the Other

        1. I see what you mean now. Yes, there is a lot of nature around here and at Meijer Gardens. The wild oats, the frog and sycamore, and the clown with the circus dog were taken in the Children’s Garden there.


        2. P.S. The photos are candid, as they are taken with my cellphone. I used to take a lot with my digital camera, but the phone is so much more convenient. Quality sacrificed for convenience, but it is what it is for now.


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