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Day 13 — OctWriPoMo — The Two Harveys*

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There are 3 selections today.  First, The Two Harveys, then a freestyle, then a haiku.  Again, these are for mature readers over the age of 18.


One is a rabbit

Two is a snake

One is invisible

Two is a flake


One is furry

Two is hairy

One eats carrots

Two eats Mary


One wears a tie

Two wears a robe

One likes to bow

Two likes to probe


One is a gentle soul

Two’s just scary

One is refined

Two’s vulgary


One says please

Two just takes

One says thank you

Two grabs cakes



One hops along

Two strokes his cuke

One is a pooka

Two is a puke



Robe of terry

Jabba hairy


Promises food for

clumps of hydrogen

and helium atoms

Angular chum

Led to the altar

Of the star maker



Corpuscular mogul,

beastly, he needs no full moon —

she’s the one who howls.

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