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Day 25 — OctWriPoMo — Ode to Loving Asparagus


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There comes a season

In Michigan,

When asparagus

Slowly rises from the soil

It takes the right temperature

And the right moisture

To make asparagus happen.


It is sold at the local farmer’s market

At exhorbitant prices, now

That the farmer’s market is

A fashionable place to be seen.


A farmer, not far from here, has

A roadside stand, which includes

A large wooden spool table,

A scale,

A metal locked box, chained,

Rolls of large bags,

And 3 large crates, full,

At least at the beginning of the day.


Half the price of the market offerings,

The farmer presents spears of all shapes

And sizes;

Some short and squat, some tall and thin,

And some in between.

Which I choose depends on my mood

And my purpose.

My favorite, and I do mean favorite,

Way to prepare asparagus

For delightful consumption,

After soaking it, washing it, and

Soaking it some more, then snapping each

Spear where it is meant to snap,

(no fibrous spears for me, thank you)

is to steam it,

Cooked until tender but never mushy

Lavished with butter, and salt added.

Another favorite is

cream of asparagus soup.

(I have the BEST recipe ever!)


When asparagus is in season,

It is eaten daily,

Until it is not in season.

2 thoughts on “Day 25 — OctWriPoMo — Ode to Loving Asparagus

  1. The closeness of that photo reminds me of a scene in a movie, I think House of Flying Daggers, where a bunch of martial artists were leaping around a bamboo forest. So now I’m imagining a bunch of grasshoppers kicking about in an asparagus grove.


  2. Thanks now Im im imagining it. I remember a scene like that in. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. I do know that asparagus is the ninja of the vegetable world.


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