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Poetry Day 18 — The Tale of the Flipped Script

night and day

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Today’s prompts for OctWriPoMo include:

Castles, fairy godmothers, glass slippers, and enchanted roses. When you hear the words “once upon a time” these items might be what it brings to mind. Say those four words aloud and it might make you anticipate something magical, something ethereal, something beyond the ordinary. When was the last time you experienced a once upon a time moment?
Today’s prompt sends us into the land of enchantment. Explore fairy tales and magic, Prince Charmings and fairy princesses. Write your own fairy tale and have some fun!

In poetry a fable is a poetic story composed in verse or prose with a moral summed up at the end. Usually using animals as characters to teach a valuable lesson. Try writing your fairy tale as a fable and for an extra challenge begin it with Once Upon a Time.

The Tale of the Flipped Script

Once upon a time lived a wicked Queen Maelstrom and her handsome

–and secretly kind– husband, King Hunkydory, in the Land of Hullabaloo.

Queen Maelstrom was ageless and had ruled for longer than anyone’s memory,

She was still as beautiful as the day she stole the throne and crown from her predecessor.

King Hunkydory likewise remain handsome and fit.


As the wicked Queen reigned, so followed her wicked ways across the land.

She kept her peoples hungry, cold, and uncertain. Her collectors left early

and returned late as they scoured the lands, extorting taxes and goods.

Those who resisted or ran were sold to neighboring lands, sent to work camps,

or their children were seized for nefarious exploitations.


One day, after many years of trying, twins were born, a Princess and a Prince,

The Queen was uncharacteristically unwicked for at least a week.

The King did a happy dance behind the thrones

and hoped it was a promising portend for the Kingdom of Hullabaloo


Alas, it was not to be, as Queen Maelstrom set about to conjure

a relentless and wicked maelstrom for the upbringing of the twins.

At some point she might want to retire to her cold, distant winter home;

she knew training them to be as evil as she was would take years of cultivation.


Princess Chaos and Prince Punishment were privileged

to sleep on mattresses filled with rocks,

to wear only the scratchiest woolen undergarments,

and fed food riddled with green fuzz; drinks with white speckles floating.


Their handmaidens, manservants, and footmen were given clear instructions

to show no affection, consideration, or even acknowledgement while in their care.

Puppies and kittens were brought in and kicked on a regular basis in front of them.

They were allowed 5 minutes of play time per day; the remainder conflicted and cruel.


Unbeknownst to Queen Maelstrom and the palace household, King Hunkydory

came to the young Princess and Prince every evening at 10 p.m., without fail.

After the Queen and her household were sleeping, he spirited them away on the backs

of winged ponies, who flew them to the well-hidden heated Cavern of Good Tidings.


Each evening, the creatures who had been out and about across the land would come,

gather around the eternal flame in the cavern, and share their news with the others.

Princess Chaos and Prince Punishment, each by King Hunkydory’s side, listened.

They saw their father’s smiling eyes and listened with wonder at the strange tales.


Rabbits told of secret stashes of food. Deer, of apple trees to find sustenance.

Bears, where good firewood was found to stay warm. Eagles, good hiding places.

There were comfortable couches, always delicious food, and much laughter.

Each evening, as King Hunkydory returned the children, he put a finger to his lips.


Several years passed. The passing of the ruling crowns was to take place.

Princess Chaos and Prince Punishment were to rule side by side.

Queen Maelstrom and King Hunkydory had prepared their cold, distant winter home.

The Queen was satisfied she was leaving her kingdom in properly evil hands.


As Maelstrom and Hunkydory rolled off in a royal carriage, a winged pony was seen,

high in the sky, following them. The newly crowned Queen and King looked at each other.

The Queen commanded, “From henceforth we shall be called Queen Kind and King Kind.

Open the royal coffers and the royal storehouses!”



9 thoughts on “Poetry Day 18 — The Tale of the Flipped Script

  1. thank you Dawn 🙂 I agree. I could have sprawled that part out with other critters than mammals also and it could have included other humans that are out in the middle of the strife.

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