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d’Verse Sonnet

crazy mary

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This is a French Sonnet with 14 lines iambic hexameter of 12 syllables, with a rhyme scheme of aabb ccdd eeff gg. The sonnet is inspired by one of my favorite Pearl Jam songs, Crazy Mary. In the song, the family comes upon Crazy Mary after she’s already an adult. The story told here is how she got that way.



Carefree girl, at homestead safe, with her family

When 10, a flu stole her mom, in great agony

When 12, wild boar took her dad to the hereafter

When 14, sis ran away, not seen thereafter


When 15, brother left for war, never to return

Alone, lived by chickens, snares, veggies – and she learned

Baker’s visits from the town, brought her coins and bread

Fates decreed, death passed her by, took her mind instead.


Fifty years going by, the town church keeps her fed

Dollies, faded, frayed now, sleep rowed within her bed

Songs she sings them nightly, rhymes so long remembered

Odd structured melodies, in them madness rendered


One stormy night lightning struck, Mary burnt to ash

A girl again, with family, sweet peace at last




24 thoughts on “d’Verse Sonnet

  1. Please realise as I comment, I’m teaching myself too, never having written a sonnet before. You mention iambic pentameter – I think that will then be ten syllables or five feet of an unstressed then stressed syllable?
    I remember the song and I think you’ve told her story very well!

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  2. I’m the wrong person to ask about sonnets and iambic pentameter, as my understanding is limited at this point. I think it means exactly what you say, but if you find yourself at the end of the syllables and don’t have enough stressed syllables, add another syllable to stress rather than going short on them. Petru, I”m glad you feel I did her story justice. It’s a story that needed to be told.


  3. Oh what a sad story… I can understand what made her crazy… just a small comment reflecting Petru’s . Penta in pentameter stands for five, so iambic pentameter has to have ten syllables with fiver stressed one.
    With twelve syllables (and six stressed ones) the meter is iambic hexameter…. 🙂

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  4. Thank you very much for the correction, Bjorn. Petru asked the wrong person… Yes, Pearl Jam started the tale mid-story. She deserved more than that.


  5. “Beautiful Boy” is about a kid, unlike Mary, with a life that just gets worse and worse under the influence of meth. Kids (and Mary) start out beautiful children, then life goes down the drain. Indeed, agonizing stories

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  6. A nice re-imagining of her story. I want to say that it’s not iambic as you claim it to be – but have learned that Australian and American English can have very different inflections and stress different syllables of a word, so maybe it is iambic (de-DA, de-DA) for you?

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