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Poetry Day 26 — Crazy Mary (PJ inspired)

crazy mary

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Today’s OctWriPoMo’s prompt is Inside Out and the suggested form is sonnet .  Today’s sonnet is a French-English combo.  First time trying one; it was both challenging and fun.  This poem I tried to write the story of it first then built around the ideas.  It is my honor today to be inspired by one of my favorite Pearl Jam songs, Crazy Mary.  At the bottom of the post, you will find PJ doing a live version.


A girl, carefree, at homestead with her family

When 10, fever stole her mom with great agony

When 12, a wild boar took dad to the hereafter

When 14, sis ran away, not seen thereafter

When 15, brother left for war, never returned

Alone, she lived by chickens, snares, veggies – and learned

The town’s baker visited, brought coins and stale bread

The fates decreed, instead of death, her mind instead.

Fifty years gone by now, the town church keeps her fed

Her dolls, faded and frayed, sleep a-rowed in her bed

She sings each night, lullabies, words long remembered

in low crooning melodies, long disremembered

One night lightning struck, burning her and all to ash

A girl again, home, with her family at last



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