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Poetry Day 28 — Splitting Herrs

split herrs

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Today’s prompt is “Split in Two”, with… a dilemma. A split path. A difficult choice. Maybe even a chasm or schism… the notion of ‘splitting hairs’…  The suggested form is the “Anglo-Saxon Riddle”.  In a way today’s offering covers those bases but not exactly.  It is indeed *about* an Anglo-Saxon riddle and it is split down the middle, but it’s not an Anglo-Saxon riddle.  How’s that for a riddle?  I think you’ll see what I mean when you read it.  Please note that the list was partially compiled from Robert Reich and BBC News for Canada and the US  Also, at the bottom of the page is statement generator that can provide some amusement.


Racially charged                               Blatant racist

Temporary detention facilities           Kids in cages

Dominant and assertive                    Grab em by the pussy

Loves his daughter                           Incestuous Interest

Sad                                                   Called out with the truth

Fake news                                        Journalism uncovering

Alternative facts                                Blatant lies

Make America Great Again              Back to the stone ages

Presidential statements                   Tweets

Winter White House                         Vacation estate

Coordination with Russia                 Collusion with Russia

Business practices                           Unprotecting environment

Protecting jobs                                 Quit Paris climate agreement

Keeping order                                  Inciting violence

Welfare reform                                 Gut medicaid, medicare, social security


Mad Libs


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