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Poetry Day 31 — One

tree from dream

Today’s prompt, the final one for OctWriPoMo2018, is Endless. The form I chose is cinquain. It’s been very satisfying writing a poem a day for this challenge. The picture with today’s poem is one I drew based upon a dream I had not long ago.



life death cycle

arising, setting sun,

joy and sorrow walk hand in hand,

all one.

12 thoughts on “Poetry Day 31 — One

  1. That looks like the Tree of Life and the poem, such brilliance and grace in a few simple words, expressing a unity that is beyond that of this world and the cycle without end is exactly what the challenge came to bring to my life. I have throughly enjoyed your poetry during this month and I imagine I will continue to do so in the future. 🙂

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    1. I appreciate your ongoing positive commentary. Even your compliments are done with skill and grace! Your skill in writing has never been in question, and as was alluded to before, it’s so good that it evokes shadows better left alone. I’m treading on very iffy ground when I say this, but if you ever write anything that isn’t “dark”, let me know and I’ll be happy to read it!

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      1. Why would you be treading on, as you said, “very iffy ground”? It is perfectly okay to not dig my evocative shadows 🙂 I do, on occasion, write somewhat positive things, and some of those are even not buried under piles of dark imagery. I’ll let you know when those come around 😉 Thank you so much for your encouragement AND, of course, for your beautiful poetry.

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        1. Why? Because it’s the epitomy of wrong to suggest a poet might write “lighter”. You write what you write very well. I’m glad you enjoy my poetry and appreciate your kind words in regards to it. You let me know and I’ll look forward to reading your lighter stuff should you occasion to write it 🙂

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