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24 Hours from Tulsa

24 hours from tulsa

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OK, here’s my chance to add some youtubes to the post! Melody is one of the driving forces in a song, and a good (or bad) melody can make or break it. Reaching into the membanks for a gorgeous melody, this song came to mind. Before I get to the music, a thought on the lyrics. There’s a complete story here. One of love at first sight? Impulsiveness? Someone looking for a reason not to go home? We will never know beyond what our perceptions fill the blanks in with.

I also included my two favorite versions, one by a woman and one by a man. Gene Pitney is said to have been gay. It is unfortunate that he couldn’t have sung it with the pronouns appropriate to him.

Whether it’s a man singing about a woman, a woman singing about a man, or a man singing about a man, one has to refrain from looking beyond the end of the song. The possibility that such an ecstatic chance meeting would ever have a happy ending is dubious, so please just don’t go there. Enjoy it for the work of art and beauty that it is.

I added the Swedish (1969) cover because I liked it and because I love the fact that the title was changed to reflect an actual place in Sweden, Eslov

From wikipedia:

“Twenty Four Hours from Tulsa” is a song written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David, about a traveling man who detours to a romance in a motel and ends up never returning home,[3] which was a hit for Gene Pitney.[2][4] Its success in the UK, peaking at #5, enabled Pitney to become an international star. In the US, Pitney peaked at #17 on the 7 December 1963 Hot 100[5][6] and #2 on the 6 December 1963 WLS Silver Dollar Survey.[7]

Gene Pitney version:

Dusty Springfield version:

Osten Warnerbring version:

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9 thoughts on “24 Hours from Tulsa

  1. Gene Pitney never admitted to being gay. This is just one of those rumors that keeps getting perpetuated like the Mars bar, Marianne Faithfull and Mick Jagger, or Rod Stewart having to get his stomach pumped after being at a party with a bunch of sailors.

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    1. oh really? I thought it had been established. In any case, IF he was gay, he SHOULD have sang the song to fit his orientation. but then, he would have risked not having a hit and we never would have heard from him again…

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      1. I just think that since he was married and had kids and that there is no proof of him ever doing anything gay, that this is just a rumor. Being gay has to encompass something more than singing a duet with a gay guy.

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