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The Blogger’s Christmas Challenge 2018 — 21

Story Time!

Rory (aka A Guy Called Bloke) has challenged us to write a 150 word story using the 3 photos above, then challenge two bloggers to do the same.  Mine came in at 148 words.  Hope you enjoy it.

The Three Stooges decided to dress up as their favorite Christmas characters and travel to their homes for the holidays.

Curly, dressed as Frosty, went to visit his folks in assisted living. He was convinced to do a few songs and dances in the day room for the residents.

Larry, who tucked his hair up into the hat of his toy soldier outfit, stopped at the gay night club to get a little action before getting on the train to the village his folks lived in. He brought the balloons he picked up with him and decorated a tree in the town square with them.

Moe, dressed as Santa, insisted on taking a shortcut through the desert to get to his folks’ place and ended up falling into the cacti. His mother had a heck of a time pulling the needles out, and Moe yiped with each one.

OK, I challenge the following two bloggers to create a story (or poem!) using the 3 photos above, using 150 words (or less):

Cage Dunn — story writer extraordinaire!

Dwight Roth at Roth Poetry


12 thoughts on “The Blogger’s Christmas Challenge 2018 — 21

  1. Cute and Larry Fine has a different family but the three Horwitz brothers, Moses, Jerome and Samuel (better known by their stage names as Moe, Curly and Shemp Howard), were nice, blue-collar Jewish boys from Brooklyn.

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