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d’Verse — house ramble and find


Lillian is the hostess this Tuesday with d’Verse poet’s pub.  She instructs:

So – here’s what I’m asking you to do today. Walk around your house and look at all the things hanging there: on walls, in closets, on your refrigerator door, etc. Pick something that “speaks to you” and use that as the basis for today’s poem. Do take a photo of it if you can, and post the photo too. Perhaps your poem will describe the object; or share a memory about the object; or let us know why the object is important to you; or why it’s hanging there.


found long ago


‘long the way

meant to bring

luck and safety

that day

a iron traveler

it was meant to be

whether on a hoof

or with me

over the doorway

at previous place

misplaced blessing

move’s displace

grief and toxins

entered in

unwarded chaos

sorrow’s din

ministrations needed

talisman found

lucky horseshoe


blessings abound

38 thoughts on “d’Verse — house ramble and find

  1. oh yes…..a horseshoe hung above the home’s door is indeed a “talisman”. As I recall, I think I’ve heard a tale that if it’s hung with the open side up (like a U) it means one thing….but if it’s hung with the open side down (an upside down U) it means another?
    Glad you posted today! 🙂

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  2. Ah! That could explain a lot of things. We have always had a horseshoe over the back door, but it hasn’t turned up yet here. Maybe if I find it and hang it (right way up) the good luck will come back 🙂
    ‘Unwarded chaos’ I like that image!

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  3. Magic Talisman is it Form or Essence
    Sugar Pill or Belief.. Voodoo
    or Doubt By
    Monkey understands
    What they Feel and
    Sense the Most
    Without any
    at all it
    is what
    Dreams Come
    To Fruition in Bananas For all..:)

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  4. We have one too! On our honeymoon over 22 years ago, we were strolling down the riverwalk in San Antonio, Texas. My husband spotted a horse shoe in the river, and clambered down the slope to retrieve it. It’s been in every home we’ve lived in since. 🙂 This is so lovely!

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  5. Have had horses many years – when I was young and now. The dogs think the hoof trimmings are the things, not the shoes 🙂

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  6. Enjoyed both the rhythm and rhyme here somehow it all reflected the trotting horse the chaos and the relief at the end when order is restored and sorrow’s din quiets. You are right sorrow does make a din in one’s head that blocks out everything. And isn’t ministrations a beautiful word?

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  7. Christine, your feedback is lovely and very much appreciated. The idea of pulling the horse into it and its movements is a new perspective that definitely works.


  8. Rob, my understanding is that they are dual purpose, to keep evil from entering and to hold good luck. You can’t beat that combination. This is one of your posts that was in the spam folder.


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