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The Handmaid’s Tale — S2

handmaids tale s2

I’m about to go watch E4.  Hey peeps for those of you who haven’t watched this series, it gives me an icy chill up my spine.  It’s probably how some people felt back in George Orwell’s time when he wrote 1984, where they were thinking if we are not careful this is where we are heading — and here we are!  The Handmaid’s Tale is a tough watch in that your mind will rebel at what you are seeing.  It’s not only the end point that is bizarre and troubling, there are ongoing flashbacks where it shows how the pieces of this monstrous society were put in place.  That’s where it gets scary, as logistically we are NOT that far from having something like this implemented.

15 thoughts on “The Handmaid’s Tale — S2

    1. I read the book years ago and it deeply affected me. With a story like this, visuals are almost better than words. Seeing the words on the page is one thing, seeing it in action takes it to another level. Atwood is an excellent writer, but because her mind takes you to disturbing places have only read a few of her books.


    1. Every time I watch it my heart starts to pound. It’s a feeling of being trapped with her. Thank goodness I can turn the DVD off at the end. She has no such luxury 😦 Season 2 is even more messed up than Season 1!

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  1. I’ve read the book – brilliant! And saw the 1990 film with Natasha Richardson – also superb. But have been gripped by the recent series and the playing with the story. Great acting and so thought provoking!

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  2. From what I’ve read about this, I’m hesitant to watch or read it because I think it would make me very angry and also afraid. Besides the obvious warning for us NOT to go this way, is there anything positive? Is there any rebellion with success? Even a secret rebellion? A chance for escape? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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