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Valentine for Luvvies Challenge 2019 — #1



Rory aka A Guy Called Bloke has set up a series of Valentines Day Challenges from now until Friday the 15th.  This one is #1, to answer the quiz questions or write a romantic/funny story/poem.

I’ll do both just for fun.

Luvvie Romantic Quiz Prompts

Roughly how many cards are exchanged every year for Valentine’s Day?

20 Million

One Billion in the US (but probably two billion worldwide)

Two Billion

If you are single you can celebrate Single Awareness Day aka S.A.D

True in the UK and India


When did England officially declare Valentine’s Day as a holiday?





Write a tale of a Cherub and a Valentine’s Day Card

This can be a tale, story, funny or romantic or even a poem, it’s down to you, alternatively you can simply answer our three questions.

two pairs of lips touch

cold february morning

love locked forever


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