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Weeping Willow

Winter’s ice cubes cling,

infesting willow branches

that twist, snap, and fall.

A picture can’t do this justice.  The tree is massive and so is the limb that fell.


Below are a couple photos of the pine tree also in the yard.  Other parts of the country are used to ice storms, but we aren’t.  Neither are our trees.  So many had branches snap off.  There was no wind today.  Tonight is a brisk wind.  More trees will probably be falling.


UPDATE 2/8/19:

After reading some comments about the willow (thanks Frank Hubeny & Jim Adams) , I have been inspired to write another haiku:

Winter willow weeps

ice tears at the loss

of her now cracked limb.


37 thoughts on “Weeping Willow

  1. Yes, these are big old trees that have been here for a long time. In my old house in the city I had huge oaks to watch over me. Now it is the willows. Glad to hear they are your favorite tree.

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  2. Grace, there was no wind. The weight of the ice basically pulled it down until it twisted and cracked. There was quite a rumble when it hit the ground.


  3. Bjorn did you see the size of the willow? I think it took awhile to get that size, but I’ve only been in this house since 2011. Its wood is weak compared to the oak for sure.


  4. I was surrounded by giant oaks at my old house and really didn’t want to leave them. Most got cut down when I left 😦 People don’t realize how valuable trees are to our very lives.


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