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Mountain Trials

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

The following tale is true, I swear it upon my holy inheritance to pass through the pearly gates.

In the year 1706, when us who traveled the Atlantic and found this new paradise, I and a party of 19 decided to cross the mountains now known as the Appalachians with nothing but a hundred yards of lump rope, a couple dozen knives, a dozen muzzleloaders, a half dozen crossbows, and two axes. We made our own arrows and snared game whenever we could. There was plenty of water in the streams. Animal skins kept us warm in the higher altitudes. Let me tell you, it was rough going. At times I asked myself, “Do I even have enough health for this?”

Then Willie got a bug. Soon we all had it. We found a cave for shelter and curled up inside near a fire, burning with fever, but shaking with cold. If it hadn’t been for Bigfoot we never would have made it. He – we assumed it was a “he” but we weren’t sure – brought water and sprinkled herbs into the water hot from the fire. At first we were scared witless of this great hairy beast, but when we realized its intent, we were grateful.

I was the first one to sip the water with herbs. It tasted bitter but also sweet and smelled good. My body craved whatever that herb was, and soon I was well. The rest of crew believed what they saw and soon they were clamoring for the healing tea also. We were healed. When Bigfoot saw we were well, he stopped bringing herbs and left us a few rabbits and trout from the stream. We quickly regained our strength.

Then Orchid, the mercenary bastard that he was, shot Bigfoot in the back. He jumped on him and slit Bigfoot’s throat before anyone could stop him. We held Orchid down and hogtied him. We screamed at Orchid, “Why!? Why!? Bigfoot saved our asses and then you shoot him in the back????”

Orchid said, “I wanted a Bigfoot coat, and nobody would have believed us otherwise.”

We staked Orchid near the stream and left him to whatever was hungry.

The End.

Fandango’s FOWC is inherit, the Word Challenge of the Day is following, Paula’s 3 Things Challenge words are party, lump, crossbow , and Teresa’s Haunted Wordsmith Daily Prompts are the sentence, “Do I even have enough health for this?” and the photo.

I want to say that adding Bigfoot to the story came from a movie I watched last night that I never would have watched unless Sam Elliott was in it.  The movie is called, “The Man Who Killed Hitler, and Then Killed Bigfoot.”  It’s quite a tale, not a real shootem-up, but Bigfoot is in this movie and the title does reflect the story line.  Anyway…

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