Maslow was right

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Maslow’s hierarchy of needs has a pyramid that shows without the basic needs on the first rung of the pyramid being met, there will be a struggle to meet other tiers’ needs.

About a half hour ago, I bit down on a tough crust of chewy bread and heard a crack, of less magnitude but of the same timber as when my fibula cracked in 2008. The tooth is still in place but no more eating/chewing until it gets remedied.  I’m resting on tier 2 right now.

I called my dentist a few minutes before 6. The voicemail kicked in and said he will be out of the office until Monday, the 8th. The message said not the usual, if its an emergency called the dentist’s cell #, but go to the emergency room. I counted off the days, half of today, Thurs, Friday, Sat, Sunday, which means 4.5 days of excruciating pain that could arrive at any moment.

I took some ibuprofen 15 minutes ago. Hoping he has an early morning appointment available on Monday.

I’m supposed to go on a Garden Tour on Saturday afternoon. We’ll see if that happens.

Why am I telling all of this? Because I’m not sure how much blogging or reading that will be happening between now and the tooth fix (which is 3 over from my front two teeth – joy!)

Have a Wonderful 4th of July. Will at least try to post Coloring Club Plus, but it remains to be seen.

22 thoughts on “Maslow was right

  1. Pain can be unavoidable and it can last a long time, but all pain is centered in your brain and there are ways to trick your brain into ignoring pain. There are ways that you can use on your brain to make it pay less attention to pain which will lower the intensity of the pain. Positive thoughts can be used to counteract negativity, so try to tweak your perspective and focus on the positive rather than giving in to your negative tendencies. I am not sure if this will help you, but your mind will always win over matter. I hope you feel better soon.

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    1. Jim, thank you ❤ I went for a nap after posting the post and just woke up. Will be using the usual distractions from thought: music, coloring, and movie, and no foods and keep mouth shut (the last one is the most difficult as I like to have conversations with Mlady and myself.)

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  2. Damn! What a sucky thing to happen right before a holiday weekend. Jim is right though ~ I am always tricking my brain. Forex, if I dive into a compelling book or movie, I can make pain slide into the background for a few hours. If I start playing some super fun games with friends, I may not notice how much my back hurts, etc. Good luck!

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  3. Oh no! I feel for you.
    My teeth were so bad before I got dentures, they would crack apart when I least expected it.
    Hope you can get in to get your tooth fixed real soon, and hopefully the pain will not be too bad.

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    1. I’m about to call it quits on my top teeth. I’ve spent tens of thousands probably on dental work so far, and see that much more ahead. I can’t afford it. Post-retirement dental benes are bad at best and I have to be 65 to get Medicare. And I refuse to go into debt for my teeth!!!!!!

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  4. Thanks for sharing how Maslow’s hierarchy of needs applies directly to your life. It sounds like your tooth had you in a lower level of the hierarchy than you usually are in. I think this is a great example. I certainly hope that you are doing better by now! I just wrote about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and how it can be used for people to live happier and more fulfilling lives. Feel free to check out the post and leave any contributions that you would like. Great post, and I hope that you are doing well!

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