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Reena’s Exploration Challenge #97 — Writing, Creativity, and Writer’s Block

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Note:  Please read these with a caveat that they most likely come, at least partially, from things I’ve read before.

On writing:
Simply begin. If you have no idea when you start, just type. Pull from that deep pool in your mind whatever bubbles to the surface. Be ready with the net on your fingers and snatch them and toss them up on shore. See them wiggling? Write with a fury, and edit at your leisure. Polish polish polish.

On Creativity:
You must have a base of experience or thoughts/processing based on experiences you have done or read about then tried in some fashion. If you are perched in front of a screen all of the time, how can creativity grow? You can build a framework with theory, but real life has to put flesh on the bones of it.

On Writer’s Block:
Worry, pressure, deadlines, etc. are death to creativity. It’s like trying to lasso a rainbow and anchor it to your pen. Creativity is a living entity that goes where it will. You are not the sole possessor of it, ever. Appreciate it and cultivate a friendly place for it to land, and land it may. I’ve found that diving deep into the dark places can help dislodge the barriers of writer’s block. You have to be able to overcome your fear of diving too deep. There is no such thing.


Reena is the host of Reena’s Exploration Challenge.  Reena says:
This week, we will play around with
quotes – preferablY around writing, creativity OR writer’s block

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