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The Missing Naked Ape

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Cairo Jones was the biggest shock jock to hit the talk radio airwaves in 2019. He loved to bring controversial guests onto his show, The Naked Ape, and put them to the test – his own specialized test. What nobody but he knew is he had a giant wheel of fortune like device in his basement. As Cairo loved to get his and his guests’ adrenalin pumping, his daily practice before leaving for work was to spin the wheel and use whatever the wheel came up with – no exceptions!

The morning that King Joffrey had surprisingly accepted an invitation to come on the show, Cairo spun the wheel. As it slowed, slowed, slowed, then stopped on, “Ask guest a dirty question about a duck.” Cairo paused for a moment and considered re-spinning the wheel for the first time ever, but then said, “Fuggit” and headed to work.

King Joffrey was dominating the conversation with egomaniacal jibber-jabber as usual, stirring up controversy so his name would be on everyone’s lips. When Cairo asked, “What’s the nastiest thing you ever did to a duck?” Cairo was expecting a smart-alecky comeback from the king. Instead, dead silence for 5 seconds, then,

Who did you get the video from?”

King Joffrey’s refrigerator-sized body guards moved towards Cairo. Within minutes he was in the trunk of the limo.

The episode with King Joffrey was never aired on the radio, despite the fact it had been widely promoted. Cairo Jones was never seen again.The official news release stated that King Joffrey had “changed his mind” about the interview and that Cairo had decided to take an “extended vacation.”

Fandango’s FOWC is dirt, the Word of the Day Challenge is jock, and Paula’s 3 Things Challenge words are Cairo, duck, invitation




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