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Doodads — wow Friday the 13th???

I just realized it was Friday the 13th. So far so good!

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The first thing I wanted to talk about is the 2-hour documentary I watched last night, called, “Bob Dylan: 1966-1978: After the Crash.” The netflix blurb says:

This documentary covers the so-called middle period of iconic musician Bob Dylan’s career. Starting with his near-fatal 1966 motorcycle accident, the film follows his musical and spiritual development until his conversion to Christianity in 1979. Along with plenty of music, this retrospective also includes commentary from influential critics, musicians, journalists and friends, as well as rare historic taped interviews with Dylan himself.

It shouldn’t surprise me how many Dylan docs are out there, and I’m sure there are much more exciting ones to choose from, but I enjoyed watching and learning about this period of Dylan’s life from many perspectives. The blurb is pushing it when it says “rare historic taped interviews” as there were maybe one or two, but one has a reel-to-reel of Bob trying to reason with his stalker which was quite interesting.

I know Scorcese just came out with a doc on the Rolling Thunder Review, and I’ve watched some of it, but there is good insider information about RTR from two of the guys who were there, Jacques Levy and Rob Stoner, as well as violinist, Scarlet Rivera. They talked about the Review as well as the tour de force album “Desire.” Jacques, who has since passed on, who co-wrote ALL of the songs on Desire with Dylan, talks about how they met. Seeing the footage of the interviews with these three alone is worth watching the doc.

Others interviewed are English Dylanologists, who give their opinions along the way, starting in 1966 and going to 1978, with commentary on each new album and how it fit into Dylan’s catalogue. A lot of what they say can be read, but it is so much better to see them saying it, seeing facial expressions, etc. I also like the way the interviewer went to the people, so you can see what their environments are.

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At Hans’ urging, I’m reading The Library Book, by Susan Orlean. I’m 100 pages in of the 300 and loving every bit of it. The “library” of the title is the LA Central Library and the tragic fire –suspected to be arson– there in 1986 that burned or water-destroyed 700,000 volumes and priceless, irreplaceable archived materials. (Because it happened at the same time as Chernobyl, it didn’t get front page coverage like it needed to.) But this book is about so much more than that! It’s about the workings of libraries within its doors and within its community, the attacks on libraries across the years and across the globe, and closer looks at the people-powered engine that keeps libraries going. Author Susan Orlean does not tell the story drily, instead breathing life into every page with her prose and her passion.  There are stories between the lines of much of what she writes.  Her journalism skills are mighty!

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I had some tough choices to make at the produce section earlier this week. I had three options for apples: 1) Pay $10.59 for 3# of Honeycrisp apples; 2) Choose a cheaper variety that I knew I didn’t like; or 3) Take a chance on a cheaper variety that I knew nothing about. I decided to choose option 3 and bought 3# of Ginger Gold apples for $3.00.

Yesterday, I tried my first bite. WONDERFUL comes to mind. There are three criteria I judge apples on. The first is crunch. I can’t eat an apple without crunch, unless it has been sliced up in put in a pie or crisp. Ginger Gold has superior crunch. The second is flavor. Ginger Gold has a wonderful flavor that is almost identical to Honeycrisp. The third is juiciness. Ginger Gold is less juicy than Honeycrisp and has an almost tart aftertaste that is not unpleasant. My new favorite apple, for its premium qualities as well as reasonable price is Ginger Gold.


19 thoughts on “Doodads — wow Friday the 13th???

  1. Ooooooh, those apples! I’m particular about mine too. I’ll look for them here. My usual favourites are Pink Lady.
    That book is intriguing. I’ll add it to my list! I heart libraries so hard ❤
    Look up tonight at our full moon. I'm SO excited- Friday the 13th AND a full moon.

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  2. I would say Bob Dylan is my husband’s all time favorite. He’d probably like the documentary.
    Those apples sound really good. I’ll have to look for them here.
    I’ve made a note to find the book, as I do like to read about libraries. Sounds like a real tragedy that happened there.

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  3. I never watched that Dylan flick before… Have you seen the Scorsese doc of Dylan called No Direction Home? It’s really good also. It’s a two parter like George’s doc… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No_Direction_Home

    Have you ever seen the Dylan acoustic tour of England in1965? It was filmed in black and white…it is great. I saw it in my teens and it made me a Dylan fan. It’s called “Don’t Look Back”…him playing and behind the scenes. Some famous scenes in there. It was released in 67 but made in 65… Ok I’ll stop my Dylan rambling now lol.


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    1. I think I saw Don’t Look Back. Was there a part in there with Donovan and some rich people? The one last night also talked about the movie he was in, Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid. I didn’t see the Scorcese No Direction Home but I think that’s on netflix also. I’m glad you’re a big fan of his. I still can’t get over the songs he and George wrote together.

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      1. Yes that is the one…Donovan and other people in it.
        I really like the Pat Garrett movie. We have talked about the older movie feel…this one has it. I love it and Knocking On Heavens Door fits so well.

        It’s not like Bob got along with just anyone. That says alot about George… George was the Beatle he was closest to. Lennon and Bob seemed kind of wary of each other.

        You get me on Bob or the Beatles and I won’t shut up…

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        1. Have you seen the “remastered” Pat Garrett movie? In the doc it talks about how the director got into it with somebody and the editors slaughtered it, which made it a flop at the box office. But later they put it back together the way it was supposed to be and it was great.

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            1. imdb says: There have been three different cuts of this film: (1) the 106-minute theatrical release; (2) in 1988, a 122-minute restored version, known as the Turner Preview Version; (3) in 2005, a 115-minute restored version, known as the Special Edition.

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