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OctPoWriMo Day 1 and dVerse — Devil’s Food

Devil's food cake recipeimage link

Devil’s Food

Shriveled kernel
planted deep
virgin soul
watered with
milk of
human cruelty
warmed under
a dark sun
rabid appetites
goats laugh
bones crack
black hole
sucking vortex
never sated


Morgan hosts OctPoWriMo and I am hosting dVerse today.

Morgan says:
Free write about your, “Dark Night of the Soul” either an experience or what it means to you. Word Prompts:
Pitch Black
Soul fire 

dVerse prompt:
Dverse poets, the prompt for the day is food.  You don’t have to use the actual word food, but please write on the topic of food in one (or more) of its many aspects.

Exploring poetry in all its forms.

52 thoughts on “OctPoWriMo Day 1 and dVerse — Devil’s Food

  1. A very deep metaphor here; I get a slavery vibe here, on top of temptation and the emotional sin of giving in. A second reading settled me down some. I float between the New Crusades, and Trump’s Aryans.

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  2. interdimensional
    black hole
    sucking vortex
    never sated

    This is beautifully stated. Food has emotional, cultural, social and religious connects other than physical. Bodies reach when the mind does not accept certain things.

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  3. So dark is your rich chocolate devil’s cake, Jade, and tasting bitter with the ‘milk of human cruelty’. This is so quirky and out of step, it’s wonderful, especially ‘goats laugh / bones crack’, which sounds like voodoo.

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  4. Based on the illustration, I was expecting cake. And maybe, deep down, it is. The mental impact of bullying or trauma (the shriveled kernel); the comfort of food or need for attention or something else.

    “interdimensional / black hole / sucking vortex / never sated” — very deep.

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