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What do you see? # 5 — Evening Snack

Island perspective, by Chloe Smith

Mindy had been lost in the enchanted forest for hours. Footpaths seemed to go in circles. On the edge of her hearing was what almost sounded like laughter. As the sun reached its zenith then began its western descent, a gnawing hunger tore at Mindy’s gut. She needed to rest for moment; afterwards she would look for berries or other edibles.

Mindy sat on what looked like an old railroad trellis, but there were no tracks in sight. Relaxing with a mighty sigh, she began to look around to gain her bearings. Maybe if she followed the setting of the sun it would take her back to the castle.

Settled on her plan, Mindy noticed something bright on the ground to her left. She stood and walked over to what she recognized as morel mushrooms, except these morels had a golden glow to them that almost looked like sunshine. Her stomach twisted and growled with hunger. Against her better judgment, Mindy pulled the seven mushrooms from the ground and sat back on the old trellis and began to eat them.

What Mindy didn’t realize until too late is that the trellis was not a trellis, it was the mouth of a giant forest troll, and the mushrooms were enchanted bait. Mindy became very tired after eating the mushrooms and curled up to sleep. Chomps and crunches echoed against the watching trees.

Snip Snap Snout This Tale’s Told Out

Sadje is the host of What Do You See?

22 thoughts on “What do you see? # 5 — Evening Snack

  1. Trolls gotta eat too. Just like bears in the woods…
    I like the ending snip snap… I’ve heard that before… but can’t place it.
    Reminds me a tad of the book Watership Down… with bones that lined the warren homes… Another interesting tale told from an animals point of view.

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      1. I think they made a movie of Watership Down… I think I read the thick paperback in several days as I couldn’t put it down. I didn’t even want to see the movie.

        I read the 3 Billies to my grands in several versions…not all have snip snap snout. That must be where I remembered it from πŸ™‚
        Thank you.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I remember borrowing Watership Down and the Plague Dogs from the library at the same time and read them both closely together, so they are companions in my mind. If you like animal stories, that’s a good one. It’s about 2 dogs who escape from an animal research lab.

          Liked by 1 person

        2. p.s. You might find this interesting: go to wikipedia and look at “once upon a time.” It has a chart that shows how stories from different countries traditionally begin. Who knew there were so many ways? Alas, there is no such chart for “happily ever after.”

          Liked by 1 person

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