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dVerse — quadrille — Coloring Musical December

Dec 1

snowflakes, nesting dolls,
ornaments, gingerbread houses,
sleighs with ponies,
children building snowpeople,
trees with red-winged bobbles,
sleds pointing downhill,
skates going “8”s

Hynde’s dirge
Ukrainian carol
Run-DMC’s Hollis
Carey’s want
Bing-Bowie’s boy
Eartha’s baby
Kinks-Elvis father blue

gestures may
evoke spirit.

De Jackson (aks WhimsyGizmo) is today’s host of dVerse.  De says:
Pen us a poem of exactly 44 words (not counting the title), including some form of the word spirit. 

Note:  Playlist in second stanza:
2000 Miles
Ukrainian Bell Carol
Christmas in Hollis
All I Want for Christmas is You
Little Drummer Boy
Santa Baby
Father Christmas
Blue Christmas

37 thoughts on “dVerse — quadrille — Coloring Musical December

  1. You had me at the Bing-Bowie drummer boy, one of my holiday faves. I really enjoyed your clever and festive take on December. It is so well written, it feels longer than 44 words; good job.

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  2. Apologies…so late to the reading. And I didn’t even get a post up for Tuesday or Thursday. So much happening here….BUT — glad I got to read this. It reminds me of that song from Sound of Music, These are a few of my favorite things! And oh yes….a slice of the holiday season…a cross cut if you will that reminds us in a quick flash of all the fun and wonderful images this season evokes. Love it!

    Liked by 1 person

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