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What do you see? #12 — Honeypie (ハニーパイ Hanīpai)

Honeypie had reigned as the star of anime soap operas for the last 50 years. Biographies on the animators who brought Honeypie to life always made sure to include the information that the Tamaguchi family sons were solely responsible for creating all Honeypie anime. It had started with the senior Tamaguchi in 1970, then passed to his son, then his grandson.

Experts in anime always pointed out that Honeypie was identical through the generations and attributed it to the Tamaguchi genes as being venerated.

The biographers were partially correct. Honeypie was drawn solely by the Tamaguchi family. What they were incorrect about was the biggest secret in the anime industry: it was the secret daughter from the second generation, not the son, who drew Honeypie. Mitsuki was the love child of Tengo and his assistant. Tengo’s son preferred drawing smoke from an opium pipe to drawing “stupid cartoon ponies.” The family’s reputation going to be ruined.

It was then Tengo noticed Mitsuki’s doodles on her homework papers. The family legacy would continue after all.

Sadje is the host of What do you see?

Image credit goes to Flickr

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