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Dream collage

Last week or so ago, I started having dreams at night that seemed to be connected to each other.  In part of one, it seemed as if I was sinking into a “tunnel of numbers/equations.”  I’ve seen graphics where a surface is made of a million little pieces that seems to fall away and dissolve, and it felt like that.  I was standing in it and it was dissolving.  I remember looking down at the earth and seeing these two holes going straight through.  I was confused and scared at this realization.  I remember looking up and seeing George Harrison ascending in the beam of golden glitter sparkles.  He turned his head and looked down at me with a comforting smile, as if to say everything is going to be OK.

I tried to recreate what I saw, at least in concept, using the materials I had.  The circle is the earth, and the two “tunnels” are connected at the top and bottom like a circuit.  The dark tunnel is the one full of moving numbers/blocks/equations” and goes down.  The light tunnel is full of the glittery energy and goes up.  I wasn’t near the glittery energy tunnel, just sinking down towards the top of the dark one.

If anyone familiar with physics or knows someone who is, does this configuration look like anything to you?  I feel it is important but no idea where to take it from here.

George Earth Circuit scaled down032620

16 thoughts on “Dream collage

  1. I don’t know about physics but intuitively feel the dark tunnel is the stream of fear that is dragging many down. The light tunnel is higher energy which, if we tune into it can help us ascend the fear. George Harrison maskes me think of spirituality and meditation which can take us into the light. My opinion anyway – take it or leave it 😊

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  2. kaykuala

    Not much on dream interpretation for me Jade! It seems though that dreams are a carry over from the day’s events. It seems here whatever threats there are against you there’s someone extending a comforting hand and you are safe!


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  3. This glows. I can feel the energy of the words in your rendering. There is certainly yin yang imagery here and circles, tunneling often symbolises initiation, being reborn. I agree that George is a good omen for whatever waits at the end/beginning. (K)

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  4. Hi! When I read about this dream, I felt the impression that the two tunnels running through the earth represent two worlds: the spiritual world and the earthly world. Maybe George Harrison, who was in the spiritual world in the light beam, was communicating to you through the tunnel, and he smiled to assure you that it was okay for the spiritual world and the earthly world to meet. Sort of like the veil between the living and the deceased dropping. That’s my little idea. 🙂

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    1. Thank you very much for your view on it. I hope so. I was hoping it was a lead on a way to harness a limitless energy source so we could stop destroying the planet. Either way works for me.

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