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#FF — Twilight Town


A sour lemon sky presided over the town where only lorry drivers and gangsters could afford petrol. Half of the streets were bathed in terminal twilight.

Leon said he had business on the dark side and promised he wouldn’t be long. Lara waited between two worlds near the glassy storefront that mirrored all.

An hour later a young girl in a blue jacket approached with a note for Lara.  Delivering it with the black marble eyes of a street orphan, she waited for a coin with silent plea and was rewarded with silver.

The note had two words: “Go home.”

[100 words]

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields is the fictionista host of Friday Fictioneers.

71 thoughts on “#FF — Twilight Town

  1. Not a happy world. Lara should heed the note’s advice. Alas, it might have been Leon’s last words to her. I like the use of the words ‘lorry’ and ‘petrol’ from the other English. It’s a good thing I’ve read enough Beatle biographies over the years to figure them out

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  2. The orphan is a good touch to this story–a little piece of pathos in a dark world. I’m thinking Leon has maybe taken his last breath under that sour lemon sky–which, by the way, is a wonderful description 🙂

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