Hold Your Head Up

For some reason this song popped into my head this morning.  I love the throbbing beat of it, the vocals, and the groovy keyboard work.  That said, I have no context for this hit, which compelled me to look further.  Here you go, this is what I found.  In case you don’t know the song…

Poetry — Nanobots

Beware: Sleeper nanobots, seen means inhaled unaware. (Videodrome is real.) Spores disperse through organism’s cavities And invade synapses. Many times sneezed/coughed/pissed/shat out to fertilize i.e. contaminate other fields. Symptoms may not be felt for days, years, or even decades later. Or infection may be immediate. No remedy necessary.  That’s a lie.

Gentle on my mind

The first time hearing Glen Campbell was on an album, I believe, Gentle on My Mind.  My mom belonged to a record club and this one was one of many old style country (back then it was modern country) LPs in her collection.  I listened to this album over and over again, visualizing the open…


Amble To ease in and out and around Between clanging, flashing tumblers, Blue-haired, blue smoked geriatrics, Hoping to sit at just the right Newly vacated seat. via Daily Prompt: Amble

On Anonymous Blogging

I’m still trying to learn how to navigate the Word Press world.  This includes trying to find new writers to follow and the proper procedure to sharing interesting writings along the way that I find.  The following is a piece I can relate to.  My start in the virtual world was signing on to AOL…