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which oneo?

Fandango, your question of dependent or dependant inspired my poem today  🙂 audio or video? pan or liddeo? fat or thineo? green or blueo? hot or coldeo? will or wonteo? laugh or cryeo? pitch or catcheo? cavatini or macaroneo? dog or cateo? cow or chickeneo? fish or clameo? salt or peppereo? flakes or wheatieseo? now… Continue reading which oneo?

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Reluctant Guide

  Health is a homeostatic condition where all of the systems and functions operate collaboratively and harmoniously with each other in the microcosm and with the environment in the macrocosm. Our bodies are like well-tuned machines that were designed long ago and have been refined over millions of years. Health is something that is often… Continue reading Reluctant Guide

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Orange Disease

image link Evil took an essentially inert orange slug life form and disrupted it into first a brittle, crunchy, Cheeto-like substance, from which it then morphed, after exposure to radioactive doses of dark force, into an oozing orange slime, which, when sublimated into a vapor, has now disseminated itself across the globe, inadvertantly being either… Continue reading Orange Disease

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once painted shapes now fading traces on the stone path to the ocean, reminders of when our love was alive. the salt of the sea reaches to touch them distant tears that also remember   For some reason, this song comes to mind:

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Poetry — Dancing with Danger

image link The prompt word for #FOWC today is danger.  Today's offering is a nonet and a reverse nonet. Fear exists only because of danger. Real? Imagined? Despots know that creating an illusion of a reality that all is danger means they can rule through keeping subjects scared. How do we break out of the… Continue reading Poetry — Dancing with Danger

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A study in over

image link The Fandango prompt today is the word over.  Today's offering is in the form of a modified minute poem .  I first tried to think of the many uses of the word and tried to use it 3 different ways (or more) here. A Study in Over A fashioned world for you and… Continue reading A study in over