How Louis C.K. and the Rest of Us Failed in His Comeback Attempt — Consequence of Sound

100 % in agreement with what Brody Kenny says in this piece.  It's IMPORTANT. This past Sunday, audience members at New York’s Comedy Cellar witnessed a surprise set from Louis C.K.. The surprise came not only from C.K.’s re-emergence from several months in exile after his history of sexual impropriety (masturbating in front of unwilling… Continue reading How Louis C.K. and the Rest of Us Failed in His Comeback Attempt — Consequence of Sound

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Precious — DAILY ADDICTIONS – 2018 – WEEK #34

image link What is precious to one who values nothing? - This is not a willful detachment, nor an enlightened state. - More a vacuum in the living, in living space. - Where did this traveler come from? - Strange, airless nether regions where oxygen kills, or at minimum irrevocably maims? - To walk about… Continue reading Precious — DAILY ADDICTIONS – 2018 – WEEK #34


Fish Spatula — a must have for every kitchen

If you already have one of these, you know why they are an essential for every kitchen and can skip this post. If you don't have a fish spatula, a.k.a. slotted offset spatula, you need to get one for your kitchen.  I'm 60 years old now and didn't have one until about 10 years ago,… Continue reading Fish Spatula — a must have for every kitchen

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Daily Addictions 2018 — Week 34 — Dusk

Dusk is that special time daylight relinquishes its favor. Colors slowly wash out, diluted with grayness. Details of objects soften, to murky dark shapes - Dusk is the time where birds vacate their feeding turf and fly to secret resting spaces. Crickets pump up their cricketing for the second shift. Fireflies flash coded sexts. Nightcrawlers… Continue reading Daily Addictions 2018 — Week 34 — Dusk

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Late summer nature

image link Queen Anne's lace fringes the edges of long green lawn ruffling with the breeze. Bees and butterflies, yellow, black, red, orange, blue, ride the gentle swells. Crickets and cicada chirp and thrum in concert with chickadee and finch. Apple, pear, and locust branches bob, leaves rustle in flickering sunlight.

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Paterson (2016)

insert link Yesterday the first disc arrived from my renewed subscription to netflix discs. I found it through an Adam Driver search and chose it when I saw Jim Jarmusch directs and saw that it was about a poet who has a day job.  Who could resist this trifecta? I watched Paterson last night.  Already… Continue reading Paterson (2016)

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Tao Te Ching/Dao De Jing V 12

image link The five colors can blind, The five tones deafen, The five tastes cloy. The race, the hunt, can drive men mad And their booty leave them no peace. Therefore a sensible man Prefers the inner to the outer eye: He has his yes, – he has his no. --Witter Bynner rendition of Lao… Continue reading Tao Te Ching/Dao De Jing V 12



image link thoughts words ideas impressions judgments beliefs values theories suspicions reminisces regrets attitudes fancies impulses moods urges wishes tempers sentiments desires convictions intentions leanings notions sentiments hopes reflections speculations anticipations deliberations ideations introspections intuitions rationalizations ruminations obsessions compulsions hesitations condemnations rationales coherences connections deductions inductions inferences linkages analyses claims contentions defenses exchanges discussions pleas… Continue reading Autobahn

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I went to the pet store yesterday to get more fish food and some new plants for the aquarium.  Just like many other retailers in the area the store is woefully short of workers.  The fish area of the store even removed its 'ring bell for assistance' bell.  I gave the two tanks of plants… Continue reading Bichir