The Sunday Muse 151 — love’s seasons

Surreal Artwork by Ronald Ong Midsummer dance, endless greenthat lasts forever; hands tight as we twirl and laugh —love’s perfect weather.Hearts turn to winter,extinguished flame; forevernow ashed wet sizzles. Today’s offering is in the form of a sequidilla, a new form I learned on Thursday in dVerse. Carrie is today’s host of The Sunday Muse.

dVerse — MTB — Crane Promise

Sandhill Cranes in Back Field, taken 031021 A Spring afternoon surprise:feathered statues stand where none known have stood before.Blent, tan, and in matched bless of ancient lore,nod with grace, sun lift as one,and vow green morrow.   Grace is today’s host of dVerse’ Meet The Bar.  Grace says:Today’s challenge is to write a seguidilla. You…