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dVerse — Prosery #3 — Juvie

Lying supine in the back of the ambulance, Marga smiled as she approached her region's Rejuvenation Center. Juvie, as it was affectionately called, had been the final destination for most for almost 100 years now. Rolled out on the gurney with her entourage of IV tubes and bottles, Marga caught a glimpse of sky for… Continue reading dVerse — Prosery #3 — Juvie

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dVerse — Prosery #2 — Queen of the Great Lakes

Thunderstorms pushed my small sailboat ever farther from shore. Superior, cold, deep, held skeletons -- ships and people – long picked clean by pike and sturgeon, on its sandy feet. Dusk crept into the blackened maelstrom. I remember feeling an overpowering weariness and turning my fate over to the Queen of the Great Lakes; my… Continue reading dVerse — Prosery #2 — Queen of the Great Lakes