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OctPoWriMo2019 Day 16 — Fading Out

  ticking on ticking out out as gone out of reach reach before reach now now is all now wants you you are here you must act act towards act with love love is all love to draw draw it in draw while time time goes time takes takes past takes future future ahead future… Continue reading OctPoWriMo2019 Day 16 — Fading Out

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dVerse — To market, to market! — blitz poem

Farmers Market by SUREN NERSISYAN Hub for Passion at the market at the hub hub of resources hub of activity activity of sell activity of buy buy fruits buy vegetables vegetables fresh vegetables healthy healthy grown healthy eaten eaten fresh eaten sweet sweet peas sweet strawberries strawberry cartons strawberry plants plants grow flowers plants grow… Continue reading dVerse — To market, to market! — blitz poem

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Well of Feelings — A Blitz Poem

https://vimeo.com/135960434 I went and volunteered a shift at the cat shelter with my son and his wife this afternoon.  The orientation was last week.  One training shift down and three more, then I'll be an official regular volunteer.  The crew on Sunday evenings are so friendly and laid back.  It's also very clear they are… Continue reading Well of Feelings — A Blitz Poem

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Tacky or Silk?

image link Today's offering is a blitz poem , which is where you pretty much do stream of consciousness.  Usually I do these with no real idea in mind of where it is going.  Today's is different in that I kept the word of the day challenge -- tactile in mind  while writing it.  This… Continue reading Tacky or Silk?

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Poetry Day 13 — Attitude & Price

Today's offering is in the following form: The Blitz Poem, a poetry form created by Robert Keim. The prompts for today's OctPoWriMo includes, "If I Were You. Are there things you sometimes need to get off your chest? When was the last time you felt strongly that someone needed to see things from your point… Continue reading Poetry Day 13 — Attitude & Price

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Day 8 — Possession of Illusion

image link Today's prompt for OctWriPoMo included: Falling in love can feel like falling into madness. "Does he really love me or is it just lust?" Second guessing everything until you feel like you are going mad. Write into your moments of madness whether it had to do with love or something you became obsessed… Continue reading Day 8 — Possession of Illusion

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Lips to Toesies

image link who knew it would end up where it did?  blitz poem.  enjoy!   bite the hand bite the lip lip service lip stick stick man stick em up up now up and down down town down round round about round robin robin’s nest robin and batman batman flies batman rides rides hard rides… Continue reading Lips to Toesies

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The Daily Prompt — Monster Defense

image link Monster Defense   Struts in Struts like he’s boss Boss of me Boss of the world World smiles World steps aside Aside or he kicks it Aside in his dreams Dreams I’m his Dreams of forever Forever forgiving Forever forgetting Forgetting the monkeys Forgetting the debt Debt they remember Debt they collect Collect… Continue reading The Daily Prompt — Monster Defense

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Day 24.2 — OctWriPoMo — Eyes are Replaced. Also The Daily Prompt: Trademark

image link BLITZ  form of poetry   Eyes are Replaced   Look for it in the mouth Look in the eyes Eyes grim Eyes hard Hard as stone Hard as apathy Apathy pervades Apathy destroys Destroys lives Destroys planet Planet diseased Planet crying Crying please Crying stop Stop selling Stop killing Killing life Killing hope… Continue reading Day 24.2 — OctWriPoMo — Eyes are Replaced. Also The Daily Prompt: Trademark