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FPQ #2 — Intelligence or Wisdom?

image link Fandango's Provocative Question #2 is: “What do you think is more useful: intelligence or wisdom, and why do you feel that way?” Intelligence and wisdom are human attributes. One is fixed (unchanging) and one is dynamic (changing) . From my view, intelligence is a fixed, or unchanging aspect, much like eye or hair color;… Continue reading FPQ #2 — Intelligence or Wisdom?

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A beautiful shambles

image link The haphazard way she put the fan back on the box of kindling caused it to crash to the floor and bend. The haphazard way she threw the pieces of kindling together and lit it guaranteed it wouldn't continue to burn. The haphazard way she stacked the wood in the pile caused it… Continue reading A beautiful shambles

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Word of the Day Challenge — Manifesto

in the confined spaces of her mind there exists a world, complete, all she has to do is capture it on paper then share it with the world. if only they'd see, see what she has so carefully worked out in the confines of her brain they would understand. why can't they try? their eyes,… Continue reading Word of the Day Challenge — Manifesto

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Maniac (2018)

google image When I saw the Word of the Day Challenge -- alliance I immediately thought of a series I just started watching on netflix, "Maniac".  I'm 4 episodes into the 10 of the season.  Reading the synopsis before choosing to watch, the plot sounded intriguing but not necessarily compelling; however, coupling it with a… Continue reading Maniac (2018)

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You Were Never Really Here (2017)

image link When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade. You make lemonade, or in the protagonist's case in the film, “You were Never Really Here”, a bloodbath wherever you go. Joaquin Phoenix plays Joe, a character who struggles with a reality that is liberally sprinkled with flashbacks of abuse, neglect, and soul-crunching trauma. What… Continue reading You Were Never Really Here (2017)



image link thoughts words ideas impressions judgments beliefs values theories suspicions reminisces regrets attitudes fancies impulses moods urges wishes tempers sentiments desires convictions intentions leanings notions sentiments hopes reflections speculations anticipations deliberations ideations introspections intuitions rationalizations ruminations obsessions compulsions hesitations condemnations rationales coherences connections deductions inductions inferences linkages analyses claims contentions defenses exchanges discussions pleas… Continue reading Autobahn