POPO2022 Bonus Card #2 — orange with blossom and branch

wee petals open framed by waxy leafery mysteries in-wait wee petals open hungry fragrant nectar calls for winged ravishers framed by leafery clustered queens, in succession, begin their intrigue mysteries in-wait realized; burnished globes, sweet with their secrets Tomorrow will be the last postcards for POPO2022.  It will be a picture of all of the…

POPO2022 — Bonus Card #1 — moon, rabbit, lady, words

Lady Luna basks the small with her silver light potions of healing Lady Luna basks benevolence her nature guided by her dreams small, in her silver, dedicate themselves in kind gathering; mixing potions of healing while nodding constellations smile in fond assent

POPO2022 Day 31 — faerie on rose petals

faerie plays hopscotch pretends she has broken wings hopes to kiss a prince faerie plays hopscotch on rose petals, hair a-mess in her sheer gauze dress pretends broken wings easy catch for a long tongue in a wide green mouth hoped to kiss a prince but, disappointed, she flits off to the next pond… TWO…

POPO2022 Day 30 — pisces fish made into tai qi fish

shallow pond, deep ocean navigating light, darkness two water beings shallow pond, deep ocean counterparts through this and that from glass to tsunami parse light and darkness eyes open, they find a way swim with life current two water beings snow peaks to Mariana worthy role models

POPO2022 Day 29 — Sagittarius heart

careless with my aim I meant to simply bed you yet got nicked instead careless with my aim which was to bulls-eye, then flee; arrow ricocheted I meant to bed you and did; but you got in my head when you walked away yet got nicked instead; dripping blood and tears, alone, I, foolish archer

POPO2022 Day 28 — sun, rainbow clouds, burning legs

when things go wacky, light and dark harp they’re the same, ask, “are we there yet?” when things go wacky surreal cracks; flaming thighs grasp spiked faces balloon light and dark the same? rainbows blight to bloated corpse revelations dance ask, “are we there yet?” perhaps lurched beyond return? beg grace from cloud’s silver

POPO2022 Day 27 — shelf fungus

beware this kingdom stacked with fungal furniture mistake to partake beware this kingdom dispersed, affixed on stumps, trunks sounding death’s trumpet stacked furniture with bioluminescent gills lighting ghosthood’s way mistake to partake thick blood’s your best outcome shun pretty poison