POPO2022 day 4 — peppers

it is the season pepper fruits begin to bloom hottest time of the year it is the season when sun brightens, greens deepen the bees get heavy pepper fruits bloom yellow cautions and red flags bananas and ghosts hottest time of the year white blossoms bursting fireworks in summer’s swelter

POPO2022 day 3 — trees

once upon a time they may have footed about but now they stand, still once upon a time they walked tall, leaves shimmering happy, green nomads they footed about ’til every place was seen, their kingdom surveyed but now they stand, still digging deep with mirrored roots, our friendly neighbors

POPO2022 day 2 — libra

fragrant tug of war where victory and defeat eternal stalemates fragrant tug of war entwined with thorned promises lost in the jungle victory, defeat e’er poised on a pointed tip joy, despair wobbles eternal stalemates given no choice but to play bittersweet torment

POPO2022 — Day 1 — mushrooms

each cap gives a nod chitin kingdom’s noble realm transition’s castle each cap gives a nod acknowledgement of duty: transform death to life chitin kingdom’s realm’s subterranean networks flip night into day transition’s castle marches on yesterday’s grist to mill today’s bread

Tanka Tuesday — The Nature of Lightning — (troiku)

sparked veins of sky leaves glimpses of another place jungles fill heaven sparked veins of sky leaves backlit roadmaps, star rivers storm’s altered senses glimpse another place weather opens the portal petrichor perfume jungles fill heaven imagination flies free as wet wings lift us troiku form top image link Colleen is the host of Tanka…

dVerse — OLN 321 and earthweal OLW 130 — Moon Troiku inspired by Samuel Peralta

Earth, sky, stillness.The evening unfoldsthe rorschach of the moon. Earth, sky, stillness.Moon shares its momentbonding wonder. The evening unfoldsthe same, yet differentthe moon won’t say why. [T]he rorschach of the moon.always tellsif our piano is in tune.   image:  full moon taken on 071322 Today’s form is a troiku, where I will use Samuel Peralta’s…

TSM 219 — apothecary (troiku form)

Fused sands of time form bottles on a shelf; tai chi apothecary. Fused sands of time formed emptiness of uselessness; filled with starts and ends. Bottles of tai chi where potent dawns and dusks swirl a cosmic perfume. Apothecary: remedies, distilled wisdom of great mother’s all. Troiku form.  Written in honor of Beverly Crawford, a…