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dVerse and earthweal OLW — Florette to Incense

When weariness draws dreamland nigh Going through motions, relaxed sighs Tiny match light touches incense Thin snaking smoke of varied scents lazily rise Powdered sticks, olfactory joy of roses, lilacs, sweetly coy; some heavy sage or pink vervain, their tendrils rising just the same -- heaven's deploy. Nightly rituals, prayers said Aroma blanket cushions bed… Continue reading dVerse and earthweal OLW — Florette to Incense

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The Birth of Religion

image link Aquarium meditation percolates this and that to the surface.  One thought leads to another, as thoughts are wont to do. Many times they are about the fish and the way of fish in an aquarium. The thought trail begins as such. One-sided relationships. Me, watching fish in the aquarium. I watch them and… Continue reading The Birth of Religion