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dVerse — Alice Gone Wild

  Alice Gone Wild Our girths and portals swell and shrink, Adhere, adjust to what we eat, Our appetites great stones that sink; Condemn our home for taste of meat, We lie and kill and steal and cheat To have first choice to fuck hot pink. Design the odds; we can't be beat. World by… Continue reading dVerse — Alice Gone Wild

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#Haikai Challenge #133: twittering (saezuri)

Morning's pink-gold sun Rises behind the pine row Mist shrouds dewed, still grass Last year's garden twitters as Birds peck seeds in the litter       Frank J. Tassone is the host of Haikai Challenge.  Frank says: This week, write the haikai poem of your choice (haiku, senryu, haibun, tanka, haiga, renga, etc.) that… Continue reading #Haikai Challenge #133: twittering (saezuri)

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Spring Housekeeping

One of the house sliders is open to the air today. I walked out to the mailbox and once again looked at the fence post falling backward near the road, bluebird box attached. Another reminder to get this and the other three ready for their annual visitors. I came inside and found two screwdrivers; one… Continue reading Spring Housekeeping

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dVerse — OLN 262 — Nature’s Intuition

Nature's Intuition Seedy winter light is here, A tendril of Spring's seasoned secret. Quiet colors lonely brown lichen. Cold blue frost murmurs how long; Bee breeze listens and asks when Nature's intuition will give bright hymns Of daffodil and crocus. Grace is today's host of dVerse' Open Link Night.  I used The Oracle for this… Continue reading dVerse — OLN 262 — Nature’s Intuition

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dVerse — Whispers from the beach

https://youtu.be/E7qRkUYu580   A gentle sizzled whoosh of roaring speech That never takes a chance to stop and rest A voice that always whispers from the beach The sand, now zoo of footprints pressed upon From webbed and clawed escapees of the sea Do not forget when water sole was on 'Twas muffled then in distant… Continue reading dVerse — Whispers from the beach

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Another cold walk at Lake MI 022620

It was only freezing today, but the wind made it much colder.  Plus today I walked out along the channel which put me in the crosshairs of the wind -- with no hat or gloves! I used the free GIMP photo editing program today and scaled them down in size and pixelation.  Using the effects… Continue reading Another cold walk at Lake MI 022620

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#Haikai Challenge #127: waters of spring (haru no mizu)

Spring in the mountains Frozen stream and bright sun dance Warm laughter trickles Intermission done Velvet cloud curtains open Sun's speech, Spring's tears Winds chase Spring's raindrops In spirals around tree trunks -- Buds dream of leafing. Midseason's water Winter and Spring's tug of war Snow, sleet, rain menu Wormless hunger greets Early robin's arrival… Continue reading #Haikai Challenge #127: waters of spring (haru no mizu)

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Lake MI in Winter

I was out on a drive along Lake MI yesterday and stopped to take a few pictures.  It was 19 degrees Farenheit with an arctic wind making it even colder.  The sun was shining but it was anything but warm!  I'm still in the process of trying to scale the pictures down, but GIMP saves… Continue reading Lake MI in Winter

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Big Snow Movies

After watching the rest of Akira Kurosawa's Noir, "The Idiot" I started thinking about movies where snow plays a huge role in the plot or ambience of a film.  Today's post will highlight a few of them. The first one is where a family in Sweden takes a 5-day skiing vaca to spend quality time… Continue reading Big Snow Movies