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dVerse — meet the bar — Late Summer in West Michigan

  kingfishers eat well as ponds shrink and minnows swarm -- cicada's sing   duckweed and lotus leaf blankets bob in the wind -- turtles sun on logs   wrens eat water oats growing amongst late lilies – ants climb sturdy stalks   sunset colors leave moonrise against silhouettes – river frog kerplops   morning… Continue reading dVerse — meet the bar — Late Summer in West Michigan

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Haikai Challenge #148: summer meadow (natsuno) Search for midsummer dessert

Black tree silhouettes against an orange canvas set a background for deer grazing the summer meadow. They step closer to the house – and the apple tree, hoping for small early fallen fruit; crunchy dessert after the delicious yet limp blades of grass.     This gogyohka form poem was inspired by an incident yesterday.… Continue reading Haikai Challenge #148: summer meadow (natsuno) Search for midsummer dessert

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What do you see # 37 — Prayer Blessing

Poised and ready to be Receptive to light As it warms and refreshes Years of cloudiness fall away Erased like morning mists in sun Replaced by unutterable joy Be with me always, kind and generous Living within my soul Energizing my heart Singing with songs of nature Sending out ripples of benevolence In a never-exhausted… Continue reading What do you see # 37 — Prayer Blessing

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#Haikai Challenge #146: Buck Moon

Moon's churned cream glows bright while fireflies and rabbits play; thunder's promise grows. Grazing bucks nibble clover's sweet dew as velvet blossoms. Frank J. Tassone is the host of Haikai Challenge.  Frank says: The July full moon, the Buck Moon: The next full Moon will occur on Sunday, July 5, 2020, at 12:44AM ET, and is… Continue reading #Haikai Challenge #146: Buck Moon

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dVerse — Alice Gone Wild

  Alice Gone Wild Our girths and portals swell and shrink, Adhere, adjust to what we eat, Our appetites great stones that sink; Condemn our home for taste of meat, We lie and kill and steal and cheat To have first choice to fuck hot pink. Design the odds; we can't be beat. World by… Continue reading dVerse — Alice Gone Wild

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#Haikai Challenge #133: twittering (saezuri)

Morning's pink-gold sun Rises behind the pine row Mist shrouds dewed, still grass Last year's garden twitters as Birds peck seeds in the litter       Frank J. Tassone is the host of Haikai Challenge.  Frank says: This week, write the haikai poem of your choice (haiku, senryu, haibun, tanka, haiga, renga, etc.) that… Continue reading #Haikai Challenge #133: twittering (saezuri)

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Spring Housekeeping

One of the house sliders is open to the air today. I walked out to the mailbox and once again looked at the fence post falling backward near the road, bluebird box attached. Another reminder to get this and the other three ready for their annual visitors. I came inside and found two screwdrivers; one… Continue reading Spring Housekeeping

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dVerse — OLN 262 — Nature’s Intuition

Nature's Intuition Seedy winter light is here, A tendril of Spring's seasoned secret. Quiet colors lonely brown lichen. Cold blue frost murmurs how long; Bee breeze listens and asks when Nature's intuition will give bright hymns Of daffodil and crocus. Grace is today's host of dVerse' Open Link Night.  I used The Oracle for this… Continue reading dVerse — OLN 262 — Nature’s Intuition

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dVerse — Whispers from the beach

https://youtu.be/E7qRkUYu580   A gentle sizzled whoosh of roaring speech That never takes a chance to stop and rest A voice that always whispers from the beach The sand, now zoo of footprints pressed upon From webbed and clawed escapees of the sea Do not forget when water sole was on 'Twas muffled then in distant… Continue reading dVerse — Whispers from the beach