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Chemical Table

image link Fandango's One Word Challenge today is chemical. The first thing I thought of was a the periodic table of the chemical elements. Going to old standy wiki, I found a paragraph with several terms related to the periodic table. First putting them into a list, I waited for inspiration and it came. Today's… Continue reading Chemical Table

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First Snow

We had our first snow today.  I've been sitting here and looking at it all day.  Birds fly past, heading to and from the bird feeders.  The occasional hawk comes into view.  Today's offering is in the form of a rondeau .   Snow's arrival to the season turns the air from cold to freezin'… Continue reading First Snow

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Poetry — Dunes

image link Dunes Wander through woodlands along sandy trails hearing lake's whooshing up dunes and down vales a shimmering guide orange-pink rivulet reaching the crest to see the sun set   Click the link to see a nice youtube video with the whooshing sound of Lake MI: Lake Michigan, water against the shore Word of… Continue reading Poetry — Dunes

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image link He surveys his domain with pale, baleful eyes, head jerking here and there at every shift in wind and sky, ready to rip and tear. He struts from end to end, fluffed feathers, comb flapping to and fro, confirming the scope of his harem, crowing with every fiber of his ten-pound body. They,… Continue reading Imperious

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image link Sister sun, in her unwitting benevolence, sends waves to us. Her gifts travel years, until they reach our outstretched arms. We welcome her bountiful strands of liquid gold, take them into our bodies, now shining, verdant; breathless, as we exhale to share our gifts with the world. word of the day link

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Daily Addictions 2018 — Week 34 — Dusk

Dusk is that special time daylight relinquishes its favor. Colors slowly wash out, diluted with grayness. Details of objects soften, to murky dark shapes - Dusk is the time where birds vacate their feeding turf and fly to secret resting spaces. Crickets pump up their cricketing for the second shift. Fireflies flash coded sexts. Nightcrawlers… Continue reading Daily Addictions 2018 — Week 34 — Dusk

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Late summer nature

image link Queen Anne's lace fringes the edges of long green lawn ruffling with the breeze. Bees and butterflies, yellow, black, red, orange, blue, ride the gentle swells. Crickets and cicada chirp and thrum in concert with chickadee and finch. Apple, pear, and locust branches bob, leaves rustle in flickering sunlight.

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I went to the pet store yesterday to get more fish food and some new plants for the aquarium.  Just like many other retailers in the area the store is woefully short of workers.  The fish area of the store even removed its 'ring bell for assistance' bell.  I gave the two tanks of plants… Continue reading Bichir

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Soul’s Womb

image link Soul’s Womb     A warm wet cave Provides a snug, Nourishing cocoon, A shelter from the storm It is oh so cozy No need to fret here Snuggled in Hearing the reassuring thump thump thump Of pulsing capillary-rich beltways Saturated with hormones, giving Calm assurance That no harm can come here. ----- The rutted… Continue reading Soul’s Womb