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#MLMM Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, January 16th 2019, First Day of Spring

  Mind Loves Misery Menagerie has asked that we write haiku on the first day of spring.  Hopefully more than one is ok.   Calendar: says Spring Ground: still frozen with heaped snow Winter: your time's done. * March's beginning, daffodils are still sleeping under white blankets. * March's twenty first, daffodils and crocus push… Continue reading #MLMM Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, January 16th 2019, First Day of Spring

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d’Verse — Haibun Monday: January

Today's offering is a haibun written for hostess of the evening's d'Verse, Kim's, prompt of January. Waking up at eleven, looking out at another repetition of anemic feebleness that washes the life out everything. Invisible beyond grey, clouds prevent any instance of ROYGBIV. Eyes strain to delineate blah from blah. To say it is preferable… Continue reading d’Verse — Haibun Monday: January

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Sunday morning haiku

image link Getting ready to build the morning fire, I stood up from the wood burner and looked outside.  I saw a brown lump out by one of the fenceposts that isn't usually there.  When you spend a lot of time staring at a particular place, you immediately notice if something is different.  I walked… Continue reading Sunday morning haiku

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Heart thaw

image link Today's Word of the Day Challenge is thawing.   Sol's beams warm Caress crystals To tears With warm beams Your smile caress My fears Tears to streams Sate river's slake Fears melt, Puddle, dissipate Burgeoned river From banks to flats My burgeoned heart Holds strong at crack Flowers sprout To herald spring Love's… Continue reading Heart thaw

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Let there be light

It was a blessed day as the sun has been shining since this morning and still is.  After having a fun lunch with one of my friends, we hit a game store a couple of doors down.  After getting the download from the clerk that I then texted my sons about, I got this game,… Continue reading Let there be light

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Triolet to Winter Solstice

image link from today's The New York Post The Word of the Day Challenge is wonder. Today's offering is a triolet to honor the Winter Solstice coming up tomorrow.  Per The New York Post, this one will have both a full moon and a meteor shower.  How's that for doing it up right.  Thank you… Continue reading Triolet to Winter Solstice

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Meeting the Bear

image link Jilly at dverse poets pub is the hostess this evening and has asked for a poem with repetition.  This one is in the form of villanelle . I saw a Disney-produced -- yes, I hate Disney, but --- movie a couple of years ago, called, "Bears", which is a documentary of a mother… Continue reading Meeting the Bear

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Young Charlotte, or The Frozen Maid

"Sleigh Ride" by Cornelius Krieghoff As a starving person's focus becomes their gnawing hunger, so does trying to stay warm become the focus of a person who can't find warmth. Today was one of those days. I give you now the poem that Maine poet, Seba Smith, was inspired to write after reading an article… Continue reading Young Charlotte, or The Frozen Maid

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deep freeze

Tonight is dverse Open Link Night.  Today's offerings are what's most on my mind today -- keeping the fire going.  It's been chilly all day and the fire is on the third try.  Today's offerings are four lanturnes, described as a five-line verse shaped like a Japanese lantern with a syllabic pattern of one, two,… Continue reading deep freeze

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simply squirrely

taken 11/17/18 rough squirrels nest caught late fall's intricate white web imprisoned safety They come down from the trees to gather winter stores, but much of the time they are curled in their cozily constructed leaf nests.  The variety who lives in this nest are the lesser-known Green Squirrels, originally brought from Ireland as honorary… Continue reading simply squirrely