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dVerse — quadrille #94 — Mercy

Mercy I see her. If hawks could roar, her voice would echo off the silent trees. Instead redtail's plaintive cries enter my ears without fanfare Even cardinals and doves congregated at the feeder Pay no mind to her whine. Dove's demise comes mid contented coo. WhimsyGizmo (aka De Jackson) is today's host of dVerse.  De… Continue reading dVerse — quadrille #94 — Mercy

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#FF — Oasis

PHOTO PROMPT © C.E. Ayr Oasis Each morning she slathered on a pharmaceutical witches brew and stepped into The Salton Sea. Most Bombay Beach RV dwellers scuttled to their metal pods in the heat. Attenuated to the stench and light as lithium, she floated with the gulls, cushioned by tilapia springs. She could see Salvation… Continue reading #FF — Oasis

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Doodads — 1/1/20

Happy 2020 to you all. I've heard it referred to as the Roaring 20's and I called it the year of perfect vision today. Hoping that each of us is inspired to look with clarity and see what needs to be seen, so we can do what needs to be done. Book Review I must… Continue reading Doodads — 1/1/20

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Doodads — 12/26/19

I woke up today to sunny skies.  When I put recyclable items in the bin outside it wasn't even cold, somewhere in the 50's.  I ended up walking out back to check things out.  More trees have fallen because of the extremely high water table.   Looking up the clouds were moving fast.  Looking down I… Continue reading Doodads — 12/26/19

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Thursday Inspiration 35 — The Heart is the Home of the Brave

When I saw the picture and the song lyrics for this week's Thursday Inspiration, it reminded me of a movie I saw a few months back, called, “Alpha.” It tells the tale of a young man's survival in a harsh winter climate back in the times when humans were hunter-gatherers. The young man is out… Continue reading Thursday Inspiration 35 — The Heart is the Home of the Brave

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dVerse — quadrille — Sleep in heavenly peace

  Curled in moonglow, warm-blooded family Breathe deeply, chests heaving frost Melting mallow marrow, fur against fur Thump-echoing thumps, living drums thrum night's resonant hum Crystals crunch time; slinking latecomer Crawls in, yawns. Consensus is that Feathered dinner can wait until breakfast; Dreaming one dream.   Note: The title of my quadrille is taken from… Continue reading dVerse — quadrille — Sleep in heavenly peace

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Sycamore Sun

Orb speaks to me from dappled boughs: “My grace allows This perfect place Upon your face.” “On Autumn days I like to shine Warm earthly shrine Thank you who pray For sun each day.” “I make trees smile when I alight Leaves, bark shine bright I warm your bones I love our home.”   Last… Continue reading Sycamore Sun

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#Haikai Challenge #111: withering wind (kogarashi)

Pine boughs bent with snow Hide birds from numbing death Withering winds hunt   Winter's shortened days Farenheit falls, wind gallops Whistling 'cross the plain   https://youtu.be/THwEGyBR5GM Lost in blind blizzard A traveler lays down Now warm and sleepy Horizontal winds bring Lullabies from heaven Frank J. Tassone is the host of Haiki Challenge.  Frank… Continue reading #Haikai Challenge #111: withering wind (kogarashi)

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dVerse — majestic — Acipenser fulvescens (Lake Sturgeon)

image link Lake sturgeon are a long‐lived species. They are the only sturgeon species endemic to the Great Lakes Basin and are the largest freshwater fish indigenous to this system. Lake sturgeon spawn in their natal rivers and prefer rocky areas in freshwater tributaries, usually along the outside bend of rivers as suitable spawning habitat.… Continue reading dVerse — majestic — Acipenser fulvescens (Lake Sturgeon)

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OctPoWriMo2019 Day 14 — Mother Earth

Patient kin Stand tall until We see we are them And they are us. Gaia Spirals finite, infinite loops Recycled bits, when planted at Death, their roots take for life Even our ashes give new life Mother trees watch their Children, patient kin Love stands tall Until we dare To see. Morgan Dragonwillow (with today's… Continue reading OctPoWriMo2019 Day 14 — Mother Earth