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dVerse — Poetics — imprint

  Pulled up to the empty parking lot of the restaurant. Amend that, empty except for one giant Yamaha crotch rocket and a man, standing off to the side, looking at the back patio. His back turned so I could get a long look at his long frame in his tan dress pants and matching… Continue reading dVerse — Poetics — imprint

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Movies, Movies, Movies! #41 July 14, 2020

Welcome to another installment of Movies, Movies, Movies!  A little of this and a little of that this week. Princess Tam-Tam (1935) Starring: Josephine Baker, Albert Prejean, Robert Arnoux, Germaine Aussey, Georges Peclet, Viviane Romance, Jean Galland, Teddy Michaud, Henri Richard, Paul Demange, Marion Malville Director: Edmond T. Greville Genres: comedy and drama Synopsis: An… Continue reading Movies, Movies, Movies! #41 July 14, 2020

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What do you see # 38 — M & M (and H)

Mercutio's legs felt of stone as dusk of the seventeenth day convened. How much longer would it take. He unloaded the patient donkey, Horace, put a feedbag of oats over his fuzzy grey ears, then built a small fire for dinner. He wouldn't starve, certainly, with all of the stock the donkey carried, but his… Continue reading What do you see # 38 — M & M (and H)

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#FFFC 74 — Dragon’s Crest

Dragon's Crest stood for millennia at the edge of the Great Sea. Untold numbers had lived, died and loved there. Dragons called it home first after they came from a distant planet. All that remains are the great cut stones that have tumbled into the sea. The earthquake a hundred years ago shook it down.… Continue reading #FFFC 74 — Dragon’s Crest

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dVerse — quadrille — Blue and Clouds

  Blue seems so far away, yet here I stand, immersed. Seen from a distance; clear, yet felt so murkily within. Clouds, wing-fluffed mystical messengers; cushioned protectors from punishing glare. Blue-clotted canvas smoothed under moving yet constant angel brushes -- watery dilutors of woe.   Kim from Writing in North Norfolk is today's host of… Continue reading dVerse — quadrille — Blue and Clouds

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#SLS — “Tiny Little Things,” by Double Fuzz

Jim Adams is the alchemical host of Song Lyric Sunday.  Jim says: This week we have the element prompts of Air/Earth/Fire/Water and hopefully this will fit for everyone. Here are the “rules”: • Post the lyrics to the song of your choice, whether it fits the theme or not. If it does not fit, then… Continue reading #SLS — “Tiny Little Things,” by Double Fuzz

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#Haikai Challenge #147: smoldering [hot] (moyuru) — Refreshed

Bees drink from the shore of a shallow inland lake – wrens splash in birdbath.       Frank J. Tassone is the host of Haikai Challenge.  Frank says: This week, write the haikai poem of your choice (haiku, senryu, haibun, tanka, haiga, renga, etc.) that alludes to smoldering [hot] (moyuru).

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#MM Music Challenge — “I Need You, Babe”

  Jim Adams is the dauntless host of Mindlovemisery Menagerie's Music Challenge.  Jim says: The challenge today is to focus on ["I Know You're Out There Somewhere," by the Moody Blues] and use it for a short story, a piece of flash fiction, or a poem that you can share with the WordPress writing community.… Continue reading #MM Music Challenge — “I Need You, Babe”

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Novelty Song Friday #17 — “Thirty Thousand Pounds of Bananas,” by Harry Chapin

"30,000 Pounds Of Bananas," sometimes spelled "Thirty Thousand Pounds Of Bananas," is a folk rock song by Harry Chapin from his 1974 album, Verities & Balderdash. The song became more popular in its live extended recording from Chapin's 1976 concert album, Greatest Stories Live that started the phrase "Harry, it sucks." The song is based… Continue reading Novelty Song Friday #17 — “Thirty Thousand Pounds of Bananas,” by Harry Chapin

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Doodads (not photos of the garden)

Just a few things that don't fit neatly into other posts. Oat Milk It's official.  I'm now using oat milk in my coffee instead of unsweetened almond milk.  I decided to give oat milk a try after reading an article about the harmful effect on the environment almond milk has, especially on bees that are… Continue reading Doodads (not photos of the garden)