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Song Lyric Sunday — Pearl Jam’s Bee Girl

Album cover from Blind Melon's 1992 self-titled album Helen's Theme for Song Lyric Sunday this week is Girls. Lost Dogs is a double-disc collection of Pearl Jam B-sides and other released and unreleased rarities that were recorded between 1991 and 2003. Lost Dogs was released on 11/11/03. The song "Bee Girl" is a tribute to… Continue reading Song Lyric Sunday — Pearl Jam’s Bee Girl

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d’Verse Sonnet

image link This is a French Sonnet with 14 lines iambic hexameter of 12 syllables, with a rhyme scheme of aabb ccdd eeff gg. The sonnet is inspired by one of my favorite Pearl Jam songs, Crazy Mary. In the song, the family comes upon Crazy Mary after she's already an adult. The story told… Continue reading d’Verse Sonnet