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#FF — An edge

Supposed to be til death do they part, maybe it would have been if either would have been more tolerant; less critical. While they figured out neither were either, two sons were born. She was a lousy wife, a good mother, and a sloppy housekeeper. He was a lousy husband, a decent dad, and determined… Continue reading #FF — An edge

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#FF — Yee-haw!

Uber-man dropped them at the Segway rental from the train station. Jib and Tag had been studying Segway touring routes for NYC; the map was criss-crossed in varying-colored neon highlighters. Jib spied a pub a few doors down. “Tag, let's have one for the road first, shall we, and chit-chat the locals for any tips.”… Continue reading #FF — Yee-haw!

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#FF — “Teach Me”

They say when the student is ready the master will come. For Marcia and Meg, the student came to the master, or in this case, mistress. Marcia, eighty-six years old, was homebound. Marcia was also the author of a dozen books on bdsm*. Her pinnacle tome, “On Their Knees,” was “The Bible” in some circles.… Continue reading #FF — “Teach Me”

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#FF — Awake

Strapped onto the bed, natural and introduced orifices maintained fluid input and output by proxy. Through the haze, I discerned their routine movements. Bright LEDs popped on, after which the metal clanking of the door lock brought their soft padding into the room. One smelled of lilacs; another of onions. They never spoke as they… Continue reading #FF — Awake

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#FF — In the year 2120

Forget about Tesla and NASA -- Amazon created the future with its innovations. What started out as home delivery of everything from artichokes to zithers through the public postal service morphed into a fleet-of-vans lifeline during the beginning of Covid Times a hundred years ago. These days vans are driven by AI androids called Amabots.… Continue reading #FF — In the year 2120

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#FF — Just Another Day in Paradise

Just Another Day in Paradise She works until 5. He's hitched the Siren 17 trailer to the back of his 4 cylinder truck, loads the cooler with bottles that will be icy soon, and waits. She comes home, changes from suit to shorts, tank top, and flip-flops; grabs towels, sunscreen, and tupperware filled-with-crunchies and is… Continue reading #FF — Just Another Day in Paradise

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#FF — Pink Peace

Ladies Of The Universal Sacrament's (LOTUS) operations convene in their new headquarters on Tuesday. The mobile complex includes She-House, habi-condos, and a silver jade fountain that flows with artesian spring water. LOTUS assesses, monitors, and enforces The Sacrament – peace in the galaxy. Like its predecessor, the Bat Light, the Telepathic Neon Lotus (aka Pink… Continue reading #FF — Pink Peace

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#FF — The Justified Boys

The Justified Boys Four farmer's kids did their morning chores, met up, and wandered woods, fields, and streams until dinner bells. Raylan, Arlo, Boyd, and Art dreamed music most nights. Some might think it was a shared mission sent from up above. After harvest, each boy was given a small share of what was left… Continue reading #FF — The Justified Boys

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#FF — O’ahu Resurrection

Out of breath after barely catching the bus, I looked for a seat. Being a haole, no alohas were found in the faces of the Islanders – except his. Mine said mahalo as I sat. I told him my divorce was new; that in the end my ex saw me as poke and I saw… Continue reading #FF — O’ahu Resurrection

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#FF — Mysterious Disappearance

Mysterious Disappearance After 10,000 Earth years since the last visit, today was Earth's turn. The Angelic Scientific Krew (ASK) chattered happily (telepathically) at how good the planet looked. Clean skies and water, lush vegetation of all kinds, and a full complement of fauna -- but curiously no humans. It was surprising, as humans had a… Continue reading #FF — Mysterious Disappearance