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#FF — Choose

Choose She bought the old manual typewriter on a whim. It seemed to call to her that day in the antique shoppe. Robert was in bed snoring when she set it up in the study. Sipping Merlot, wondering what to type, she needn't have; as the moment her fingertips rested on asdfjkl; they typed of… Continue reading #FF — Choose

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#FF — Viral Apocalypse

Social Distancing Police (SDP) had their ways of finding us: cell signals; surveillance cams and drones; infrared heat signals. The Elites funded the SDP. Survivors were hunted as if lives depended on it – which they did. Some of us Mutts carried immunity – discerned through (fatal) brain collection and biopsy analysis. The right brains… Continue reading #FF — Viral Apocalypse

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#FF — Hacienda del Sol

Mitch and Rachel found the perfect assisted living center. “Mother will love it. Two bedrooms, one for her computer and books; washer-dryer in-unit; she can bring both cats...” “And the beautiful grounds! Acres of paved paths, lined with roses – it even has a plaza with a fountain!” They moved me in and sold my… Continue reading #FF — Hacienda del Sol

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#FF — Street Life

Malcom was raised by the streets. Gang meant family. An observant teacher recognized Malcom's math skills during his patchy attendance. Mrs. Jones mentored Malcom through high school and found the right scholarships to help him realize his dream – to be a video game programmer. Malcom's first hit game was called, “Street Life.” It was… Continue reading #FF — Street Life

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#FF — Biggest Audition Ever

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson I woke up in a dressing room. Frenzied prep permeated. Behind my seat was a make-up person. “Where am I? What's going on?” The gentleman dusting my cheeks with powder smiled and nodded in the mirror. Preparation complete, I and the rest of the players were pointed towards the stage.… Continue reading #FF — Biggest Audition Ever

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#FF — Plugged in

PHOTO PROMPT © Dawn Miller “What do you think, Myrna?” Myrna sat hunched on the pastel green vinyl hospital rocker next to mother's bed, her hand resting softly on the woven cotton blanket covering her mother's inert foot. It had been six months on the respirator, with tube feedings, and no indicators of improvement. Doctors… Continue reading #FF — Plugged in

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#FF — Thawing Pillars

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields Melissa's family Century farm was doing well. Her grandparents would be proud. Robert's family grocery store was ready for a change after seventy-five years. Both Melissa and Robert were in their fifties and had devoted their lives to their work, leaving little for things like relationships. Nowville's small community's progressives… Continue reading #FF — Thawing Pillars

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#FF — I’m YUGE!

PHOTO PROMPT © Ted Strutz Tweet: Paper votes are sad. Joffrey's “landslide victory” was effected through a nation-wide voting machine virus. The Gamerican People began rioting. Givil War II was commencing, with GAGA outnumbered 10:1 by Bernites. Joffrey consulted Par-a-Gago's resident witch for ideas on crowd control. Tweet: Free white hoods available at every mall.… Continue reading #FF — I’m YUGE!

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#FF — last dessert

It was Lana's second week at the hospice center. Her loss of appetite didn't help her choke down small bits of the ill-prepared special diet prescribed for her condition. The morphine drip eased the pain but it didn't kill her craving for one more bowl of butter pecan ice cream. Jimmy promised he'd bring some,… Continue reading #FF — last dessert

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#FF — Breathe

PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll Breathe The schedule rested on the ledge at the guard shack. Electric devices long gone, the only way to make an appointment was to physically make one in the book. Reservations were out weeks; visitors felt blessed it wasn't months. Dome Association sites each had rustic campsites for waiters.… Continue reading #FF — Breathe