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#FF — These Days

PHOTO PROMPT © Rowena Curtin These days she was feeling the heat. Her old boss kept claiming her ideas until he was promoted to division chief. The new boss, twenty years her junior, learned all he could from her then downsized her. A trickle of unemployment benefits were left and the headhunters could only offer… Continue reading #FF — These Days

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#FF — Harvest

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson WARNING:  may not be suitable for squeamish readers Rats gnawing. Stabbing pain. Falling forever. Maniacal laughter. Trevor woke with a splash, teeth chattering enough to chip his caps, in a tub he didn't recognize. The water was ice cold – and pink. Head fuzzy, he cast about to orient. White… Continue reading #FF — Harvest

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#FF — The Wrong Shoes

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot It was so simple to don scrubs, ID, and mask. No one glanced her way on the graveyard shift as she wheeled the newborn pod from the nursery, into the elevator, and abandoned it; then carried her precious cargo out of the hospital's delivery dock doors. Baby June, being the… Continue reading #FF — The Wrong Shoes

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#FF — “OK, Boss”

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields She followed the bright blue dot through dingy streets until the girl entered, “Down Island Traders.” Lara's eyes moved to the upstairs windows where back-lit shadows mingled. Should she wait? Did Leon have time for her to wait? She walked down the alley at the side of the building, found… Continue reading #FF — “OK, Boss”

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#FF — Twilight Town

A sour lemon sky presided over the town where only lorry drivers and gangsters could afford petrol. Half of the streets were bathed in terminal twilight. Leon said he had business on the dark side and promised he wouldn't be long. Lara waited between two worlds near the glassy storefront that mirrored all. An hour… Continue reading #FF — Twilight Town

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#FF — Still we dance

Neither machines nor prophecies warned us. It's been two centuries since Earth suffered a decade of pelting by radioactive rubble from an exploded sun. During the first months, humans dug underground habitations – and that's where we've stayed. Most surface life that wasn't allowed in or able to survive died out. The rest adapted like… Continue reading #FF — Still we dance

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#FF — On the fence

Trees surrounded the house like a cage. Tangi asked the realtor, “Why has this house been on the market so long? The price is more than right.” Inhaling visibly, the realtor answered, “Mechanically it's sound, and there are no liens.” “That's not what I asked.” “Once an offer is made, I'm able to disclose specifics,”… Continue reading #FF — On the fence

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#FF — lullaby

Tourists returned to the village of Hualong, after enduring five years of rigidly enforced international travel restrictions. Three years prior, laissez faire attitudes and practices had killed or disabled twenty million worldwide. The vaccine was developed from a tropical fungus that could be easily mass-produced. Mae could hear them in her upper apartment over the… Continue reading #FF — lullaby

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#FF — Dark Passage

Southwest circuit was from Albuquerque to Phoenix to Vegas to San Diego to L.A. -- and every truck stop in between. The Fleetwood rolled 365. Rick maintained a stable of six girls, earning enough to keep them looking pretty with plenty of substances to keep them pliable. More than six became a pain in his… Continue reading #FF — Dark Passage

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#FF — A scout finds her purpose

The Belafonte was rounding Cape Horn, headed back to Pescespada Island, when Vikram called out to Pelé, “You're not going to believe what I'm seeing!” Pelé joined Vikram at the underwater observation porthole; his eyes grew wide as he gasped. “Go get Steve and everybody!” Soon the entire crew was gathered around, agog. Were they… Continue reading #FF — A scout finds her purpose