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#FF — Breathe

PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll Breathe The schedule rested on the ledge at the guard shack. Electric devices long gone, the only way to make an appointment was to physically make one in the book. Reservations were out weeks; visitors felt blessed it wasn't months. Dome Association sites each had rustic campsites for waiters.… Continue reading #FF — Breathe

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#FF — Oasis

PHOTO PROMPT © C.E. Ayr Oasis Each morning she slathered on a pharmaceutical witches brew and stepped into The Salton Sea. Most Bombay Beach RV dwellers scuttled to their metal pods in the heat. Attenuated to the stench and light as lithium, she floated with the gulls, cushioned by tilapia springs. She could see Salvation… Continue reading #FF — Oasis

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#FF Bright Anchor

Copyright-Rochelle Wisoff-Fields He was a colorful speaker; a man whose spirit caught others on fire; an anchoring icon to his community since moving to it fifty years ago. It was those abilities that caught the attention of leaders of the new fascist regime. They needed a man like him. On a Sunday afternoon in June,… Continue reading #FF Bright Anchor

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#FF — The Price of Freedom

PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook On summer afternoons, teenagers walk past, laughing and chasing each other, most times oblivious of our existence as anything other than a pile of rocks. Occasionally one will say, “Look at that pile of rocks!” How cavalier young people of today are! They wouldn't believe it if we told them… Continue reading #FF — The Price of Freedom

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#FF — Chilled Return

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson On Christmas Eve morning, Richard heard the iron gates of Ionia Prison slam shut behind him. He walked two miles to the bus depot, then rubbed life back into his now-numb hands before buying a ticket to Montague. Richard stopped for a cuppajoe, then went to the cemetery, where he… Continue reading #FF — Chilled Return

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#FF — Problem solved?

PHOTO PROMPT © Mikhael Sublett Angeline found her dream job in Grand Rapids, MI; but she lived fifty miles away. She loved her home and didn't want to sell it, but she didn't want to drive all that way five days a week either. She reconciled temporarily by leasing an efficiency apartment in Grand Rapids,… Continue reading #FF — Problem solved?

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#FF — Ashes Like Snow

PHOTO PROMPT © Fatima Fakier Deria The BOOM pulled us out into the night. At first they said it was a fire, but the colors looked all wrong. It felt like a holiday, and the children chased each other in the dewy grass as we watched the glow reach heaven. The ashes fell on us… Continue reading #FF — Ashes Like Snow

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#FF — Commemorated Damages

PHOTO PROMPT © C.E. Ayr Verdant land of plenty Rivers of buffalo Where one serves many Rivers, falls, streams Being where they will Fish jump, living dreams Nomadic tribes Travel with herds, seasons Balance earth and sky Invaders from across Where no canoe has been Stragglers tossed Invasive species Spreading white disease Unbottled genies Mountains… Continue reading #FF — Commemorated Damages

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#FF — Adventures in OMB

PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll Horatio Maurice Peabody worked out of a cubbyhole at Michigan's Office of Management and Budget (OMB.) Mr. Peabody's desk had three monitors, one ten-key adding machine, three legal pads, and a Yahtzee cup of pens and pencils on it. His job was to analyze where too little money was… Continue reading #FF — Adventures in OMB

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#FF — Howl’s Return

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot Howl left the moving castle, then strolled down the quiet sidewalk to the Ghibli Watering Hole. Old Horatio was still behind the bar. “Howl, it's been an emperor's age since I saw you! You'll have the usual?” “Glad to see you're still pouring, my friend. Yes, please.” “Where have you… Continue reading #FF — Howl’s Return