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#FF — Excess

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot Blanche's predilections were closing in. She'd had them under control until she met Cushman. Cushman's addictive personality was contagious, and soon she was infected. Spending with plastic at overpriced boutiques, gorging on junk food with wild abandon, riding everywhere in a limousine, Tinder trios and EDM clubs seven nights a… Continue reading #FF — Excess

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#FF — More Human Than Human

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson Aqua, Baston, and Cadme were a color-coded, state-sanctioned, AI family who operated as a unit. Aqua served as ego, Baston as self, and Cadme as subconscious. Usually Tesla *Powerwalled as they slept, on long trips they needed to fill up at charging stations. Today, three precincts away, they approached the… Continue reading #FF — More Human Than Human

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#FF — Limbo

PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll I'm here. Thinking of them, there. It only took ten years and tens of thousands of dollars. USA, land of the fee. We could have built the best house in our village for what it has cost. My children are growing up without their father. I am safe from… Continue reading #FF — Limbo

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#FF — A Final Bow

PHOTO PROMPT © Ted Strutz Hernando the Magnificent died on Wednesday, June 6, 1974 at age of 70. Hernando's passion for magic and illusion began when he saw a live Harry Houdini show in 1926. Hernando traveled the east coast for 40 years and was President of the Magicians and Illusionists International Guild for the… Continue reading #FF — A Final Bow

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#FF — Terminal

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields Terminal Left doctor's office with the news, I won't wear out this pair of shoes. Another Spring I'll never see, Way station to eternity. If you're to say goodbye to me Please do it now, flight leaves at three. So many things I want to say To you, my love.… Continue reading #FF — Terminal

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#FF — Not so Funny Now

Not so Funny Now The comedy duo of Benny and Wildee had been together for 20 years, their names household brands. Benny was the banana man and Wildee the stooge. Only their wives knew their routine was based on how wounded Wildee got with a joke during rehearsals. Fame and fortune is nothing to tamper… Continue reading #FF — Not so Funny Now

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#FF — Abrupt Discoveries

PHOTO PROMPT © Ceayr Jerome and Cindy had been together for 25 years; Jerome had marriage aversion and liked things as-is. Cindy realized she needed to explore other options, one of which was Luis in the apartment below theirs. Jerome had never missed a day of work aside from his annual 2-week vacation – until… Continue reading #FF — Abrupt Discoveries

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#FF Trouble in Paradise

  PHOTO PROMPT © Susan Eames Trouble in Paradise Harold and Maude, both age 74, were in Hawaii for their honeymoon. It was a second marriage for each. Both prior divorces were from spousal abandonment, which left carryover insecurities. Each was determined to keep the other satisfied and wanting more. Maude was an organized planner… Continue reading #FF Trouble in Paradise

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Friday Fictioneers — Learning to play

Penny was tortured each day, while the revelers laughed. Adults did not trust children to be cruel, and so they blindfolded them to remove any chance a child would say no, I don't want to hurt the donkey. When Penny brayed as the pins pierced her flesh, the adults told the children that she was… Continue reading Friday Fictioneers — Learning to play

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Friday Fictioneers — Pool Time

  PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields   Pool Time Each Tuesday afternoon at 2 p.m. they gathered in the pool. All ages, genders, sizes, cultures. Each Tuesday afternoon at 2 p.m. their teacher sat on the raised platform and began to speak. First came weekly check-ins by each and supportive responses from all. Then came… Continue reading Friday Fictioneers — Pool Time