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#FF — Mortal Coil

PHOTO PROMPT © CEAyr Sun crackled designs on the surface of the water. The first sunny day in a month, they'd sprinted to the beach for the show. Weathercasters could offer no explanation for the dense planetary cloud coverage – or what cleared it. Laughing and chattering with others who'd gathered waterside, a humming filled… Continue reading #FF — Mortal Coil

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#FF — Fall Adventure

PHOTO PROMPT © Susan Eames By fall of 2021, the pandemic is gasping its last. Everything fun was back on the table. Bart pushed himself away from the keyboard with a satisfied grin. “Honey, you'll never guess where we're going for our anniversary.” On December tenth, they were riding a snow tractor to the lodge… Continue reading #FF — Fall Adventure

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#FF — Mantra

PHOTO PROMPT © Sarah Potter Warning: disturbing subject matter that may be triggering for some. Similar to a rotting tooth's deep, throbbing pain and no dentist available for a month, George used whiskey to numb his deep, throbbing depression. Upon leaving, Patti's eviscerating, “I want a real man.” echoed through his skull no matter how… Continue reading #FF — Mantra

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#FF — A Happy Meal

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson She layered their shirts and pants before putting their threadbare thrift store coats on them. The oversized boots they'd had to choose because that's all that was left were an advantage in winter. More room for layers of socks. Their hats, scarves, and mittens, donated by the ladies of the… Continue reading #FF — A Happy Meal

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#FF — Taste of Heaven

  PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields Dawn-to-dusk they nurture the orchard. The trees give them life by their fruit. Billi and the rest are rotated one day a week to sell their pomegranate products. Three at a time they go, loading the truck before dawn then filling the stand with cool freshness. City people appreciate… Continue reading #FF — Taste of Heaven

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#FF — Chosen by a Goddess

photo (c) J Hardy WARNING: Disturbing content Chosen by a Goddess For years I watched them. My faded blue uniform, dingy yellow pail on wheels with filthy water, and heavy mop gave me a front-row ticket to the show. Every morning and afternoon, they knelt before me, a chorus of chattering goddesses, their firm young… Continue reading #FF — Chosen by a Goddess

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#FF — Culinary Campaign

PHOTO PROMPT – © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields All season they march out, culinary soldiers, to our raised bed, pillaging our peppery leaves and primary-colored blossoms. Armed with birchwood baskets, their hands reach with harvesting intent, plucking at-will, collecting our dismembered corpses with bright smiles. Some even whistle as they work. Then back they trudge to dissect… Continue reading #FF — Culinary Campaign

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#FF — Pink Princess

PHOTO PROMPT © C.E.Ayr December, a week before Christmas, she walked down the steps of the plane, her face embraced by warm tropical breeze. She looked skyward, thanking heaven for leading her here. “Taxi!,” a voice called. Taxi in Costa Rica meant a man on a trike that had a bench for two on the… Continue reading #FF — Pink Princess

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#FF — Nature’s Blessings

PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook Each fall for thirty years they dredged the lake bottom. Pungent deposits, once dried, became super-soil they used to grow dahlias, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and the rest. Money earned from the produce sold at market was enough to keep their lakeside cabin warm in winter. Spring 2020, gale-force winds clenched… Continue reading #FF — Nature’s Blessings

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#FF — These Days

PHOTO PROMPT © Rowena Curtin These days she was feeling the heat. Her old boss kept claiming her ideas until he was promoted to division chief. The new boss, twenty years her junior, learned all he could from her then downsized her. A trickle of unemployment benefits were left and the headhunters could only offer… Continue reading #FF — These Days