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#FF — Corrugated Pain

PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll Corrugated pain She'd been confined in the spartan quarters for at least a month, maybe longer. The dark room offered nothing but time to think about what she'd done. Lying on the lifeless prison-grade mattress day after day, the only comfort came from light wiggling its way through the… Continue reading #FF — Corrugated Pain

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#FF — Hail Zim!

PHOTO PROMPT © CEAyr Zim's life is an open book. He's been in the limelight for half of it. Zim's name has passed through millions of lips and minds. His stature is magnified by his celebrity. He's refused to cave in to plastic surgery manipulations. Not worried when his marriage to Ven collapsed, he rode… Continue reading #FF — Hail Zim!

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#FF — Reunion

PHOTO PROMPT © Penny Gadd “How did you find us, brother?,” asked Araba. “Mother hid a family photo in my pack, which I have protected all of these years,” said Kwaku, as he pulled out a dog-eared photo. It was of all six of them, with their names, their city, and a date. The quadruplets… Continue reading #FF — Reunion

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#FF — Missing Child(hood)

PHOTO PROMPT © Linda Kreger  Araba, Akuba, and Ekuwa invited the stranger to sit with them. Kwaku told of going with Boss Kobby when he was six and living in a hut on the shores of Lake Volta. His job was to dive underwater to untangle nets. He almost drowned many times. When he asked… Continue reading #FF — Missing Child(hood)

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#FF — Plus One

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson The triplets lived near each other; for forty years they had a standing lunch date for the first Friday of the month. Today's lunch was at Sal's By The Beach. As the sisters waited for the Blue Light Special, fricaseed blackfish, they got so caught up in the conversation that… Continue reading #FF — Plus One

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#FF — My sister’s husband

PHOTO PROMPT © Jan Wayne Fields My Sister's Husband I watched their meticulous attempts at reconciliation, knowing at the same time they would fail. As what they had crumbled under the weight of dense, irreducible icons of betrayal and unforgiveness, each turned in click-heel, simultaneous conclusion and walked in opposite directions. I stood nearby, in… Continue reading #FF — My sister’s husband

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#FF — Bingo!

PHOTO PROMPT © Randy Mazie Miriam had been taught to take good care of her skin. She knew that sun, cheap soap, and crankiness would result in wrinkles, age spots, and blemishes. Miriam stood out in a crowd, especially at bingo. Although seventy, people said she looked forty. At the weekly bingo game, a middle-aged… Continue reading #FF — Bingo!

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#FF — Swallowed Whole

PHOTO PROMPT © Ted Strutz Every time, the dream was the same. She was piloting a small seaplane. Looking down she saw the ripples on the lake. She had a flawless landing. Exhilirated, the plane was moving towards the floating dock as the smiling resort staff walked towards her. All of a sudden a slimy… Continue reading #FF — Swallowed Whole

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#FF — Excess

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot Blanche's predilections were closing in. She'd had them under control until she met Cushman. Cushman's addictive personality was contagious, and soon she was infected. Spending with plastic at overpriced boutiques, gorging on junk food with wild abandon, riding everywhere in a limousine, Tinder trios and EDM clubs seven nights a… Continue reading #FF — Excess

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#FF — More Human Than Human

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson Aqua, Baston, and Cadme were a color-coded, state-sanctioned, AI family who operated as a unit. Aqua served as ego, Baston as self, and Cadme as subconscious. Usually Tesla *Powerwalled as they slept, on long trips they needed to fill up at charging stations. Today, three precincts away, they approached the… Continue reading #FF — More Human Than Human