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dVerse — Protest — pearl dust

Fine precious pearl, a gift divineyou've crushed like dirt beneath your boot;Stole innocence, oft' hidden crime on precious pearl, a gift divine. You're fouler than leaked toxic slime,forgot, remembered in the booksby precious pearl, a gift divine,now dust like dirt 'neath heaven's boot. Then comes a whirling in the airthat gathers sparkles from the dirt.Sweet… Continue reading dVerse — Protest — pearl dust

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dVerse — Dead Woman Walking

image link Scene of the Crime Name: Evidence: daughter of a barmaid and a factory workerabandoned by one and brainwashed by anothersix is old enough to fend for yourself; mothers are for sissiestape recordings leave little room for editing without skillz sister of a bonded brother and caretaker of six chargesteasing punching teasing punching hurling… Continue reading dVerse — Dead Woman Walking

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#FFFC 76 — War Wounds

After the war left, memories of those now gone remained. Not only the dozens she knew and loved who were killed or died, but the dismembered and maggot-chewed corpses lining ditches wherever she walked. In the light of day they receded into the mists under the shadows of trees. But as the sun followed its… Continue reading #FFFC 76 — War Wounds

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dVerse — quadrille #98 — Trauma’s Onion

Trauma, immortally peeling onion of layered human celluloid misery. Re-runs' battleground images lose their vividness with each viewing. Marinated liver reeks on my onion skin tempting black eagles' taloned mandate. Angels with light arrows circle, faces outward, protecting my soul – healing thicker pink.       Mish is today's for dVerse.  Mish says: Today… Continue reading dVerse — quadrille #98 — Trauma’s Onion

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dVerse — OLN — thankfulness — Remember Forget

  remembering warm burned conjuring enjoying triggering grounding imprisoning disorienting liberating allowing forgiving detaching present absent forgetting     In the trauma support group I'm attending, we need to dig into memories, then write and talk about them. You can guess some of the emotions that are triggered while doing it. Our teacher/mentor said her… Continue reading dVerse — OLN — thankfulness — Remember Forget

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dVerse — black — invictus part 2

  grey skies seep black black silhouettes silhouettes of of rippling dark grey skin, red eyes eyes that see all all color drained drained from your soul when you hurt her her of black skin skin shining warm warm morning sun her smile died then then she knew why why you killed it it gave… Continue reading dVerse — black — invictus part 2

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Thursday Inspiration 28 — Demon Hunter (long)

Geonni came home from the war on a stretcher and was minus a limb. Back in those days, prosthetics were of a more primitive nature. Johnny's was a carved, featureless facsimile made from wood. As polished as the part that met with his skin was, wearing and walking with it left bleeding ulcers that resulted… Continue reading Thursday Inspiration 28 — Demon Hunter (long)

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OctPoWriMo Day 22 — Broken Toys

  Broken Toys From a tender age I was broken Broken but too young to know it It started with making sense of insanity Insanity's reign in my book was writ Each place I turned the normal paled Paled against the twisted paths Paths alluring they were for me Me led to bumbling, tortured aftermaths… Continue reading OctPoWriMo Day 22 — Broken Toys

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OctPoWriMo2019 Day 15 — Mother May I (tell them I’m a baby rhesus monkey)?

Mother may I tell them what they did? Mother may I tell them that you knew? Mother may I say I was for sale? Mother may I say you tagged me? * Mother may I tell how many times you slapped my face? Mother may I tell how many times you ripped my hair out?… Continue reading OctPoWriMo2019 Day 15 — Mother May I (tell them I’m a baby rhesus monkey)?

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dVerse — quadrille — Immortal Osmium

Motorcycle purrs, waits, buttery leather jacket Crooning at dusk to the hens Finding coral mushrooms in moss under the pines Wet splishes and creaks sailing under moonlight Picking raspberries while riding mini-bikes Priceless, terrible memories will never be extinguished. Punctuations within hell won't die. Linda is the host for dVerse today.  Linda says: [T]oday I… Continue reading dVerse — quadrille — Immortal Osmium