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What do you see # 37 — Prayer Blessing

Poised and ready to be Receptive to light As it warms and refreshes Years of cloudiness fall away Erased like morning mists in sun Replaced by unutterable joy Be with me always, kind and generous Living within my soul Energizing my heart Singing with songs of nature Sending out ripples of benevolence In a never-exhausted… Continue reading What do you see # 37 — Prayer Blessing

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OctPoWriMo2019 Day 23 — Furbabies

The first poem is about my dog Chauncey, who was a beloved family member from 2004 – 2016. I will never stop missing him. Chauncey equals character plus Happy he was, and happiness he gave Always there for company Unusually strong, undefeated tug-of-war champ No mean bones in his body, but an impish spirit Calm… Continue reading OctPoWriMo2019 Day 23 — Furbabies

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OctPoWriMo2019 Day 18 — disappointment — Loop D Loop

Disappointment lurks* In the eyes, in Smiles weighed down At the corners, Pretending to have forgotten. Pretty please, forget; Only it may not be until Infinity slips it out New gems in the goo. Twinkling eyes shine Making helium balloon tug smiles Easy again Now is never the Time to question... *first line is from… Continue reading OctPoWriMo2019 Day 18 — disappointment — Loop D Loop

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Freedom of Expression — Father/Dad/Pop

image link Today I'm writing an acrostic poem for my father, who passed on over 20 years ago. My dad did the best he could, all things considered. FATHER Forever in my heart and memory Always considering the well-being of his children Taking time to spend teaching us life lessons Happy to Help when we… Continue reading Freedom of Expression — Father/Dad/Pop

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MLMM — Saturday Mix with Sarah — Acrostic

Saturday Mix with Sarah – Lucky Dip, 23 February 2019 is an acrostic poem. Saturday Sun shines diamonds on the morning snow As it slowly sinks into dark pools Time to drink a pot of coffee; I'm Useless today by design. It is a time to Relax -- or to Do whatever I please All… Continue reading MLMM — Saturday Mix with Sarah — Acrostic

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Laws are like cobwebs, which may catch small flies, but let wasps and hornets break through. ~Jonathan Swift, A Critical Essay upon the Faculties of the Mind, 1707 * Crime is naught but misdirected energy. So long as every institution of today, economic, political, social, and moral, conspires to misdirect human energy into wrong channels;… Continue reading Guilty

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Gaia’s Family

image link First is an acrostic poem, then a distillation of the ideas in a free-form. People with a shared vision and willing to act based on that vision, where vision includes sharing the Earth with its other inhabitants where other critters are allowed to live in peace Air, fresh, along with space to move… Continue reading Gaia’s Family