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Power & Control

image link Today's Word of the Day Challenge is power. Today's Mind Love's Misery Menagerie asks us to consider the concept of control for Tale Weaver 206. Miranda had been employed by the hospital for 8 years as an educator on the dynamics of domestic violence (DV.) Her degree was in social work, which is… Continue reading Power & Control

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#MLMM Wordle #218 Miss Platform

Mind Loves Misery's Menagerie's Wordle #218 gives the following words and asks that at least 10 of the words in a story or poem. I used them all except hypocrite and Schrodinger's Cat. Parting Dislodge Volute- a spiral or twisted formation or object. Swap Doomsday Hypocrite Quiet Engine Miss Platform Schrödingers Cat Framework Miss Platform had been a caretaker to patients… Continue reading #MLMM Wordle #218 Miss Platform

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I’m getting better

My ex-husband put himself through nursing school by working as an orderly at a hospital. He worked the psych unit and the ER as an orderly and did over 30 years as an ER nurse. He saw a lot of psych patients over that time. His expertise helped me once, when I had a bad… Continue reading I’m getting better

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Song Lyric Sunday — Danny Boy

image link and more info about the song Although there were several good choices for Song Lyric Sunday's theme of boys, I chose this one.  My firstborn is named after it and it is one that makes me cry every time I hear it sung right. Joe Feeney, who sang many beautiful Irish tunes on… Continue reading Song Lyric Sunday — Danny Boy

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SoCS — Old Hen

Stream of Conscious Saturday -- ma Ma is what my mom and her sibs called their mother, my grandma. When I tried to call her ma she jumped all over my case and wouldn't hear of me or my sibs using that term. We were expected to call her mom. Nothing else would do. She… Continue reading SoCS — Old Hen

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Mi Familia

image link Thank you, Grace from dverse for the prompt today for a Quintilla. The form is a Spanish Quintain (Quintilla), which is a 16th century Spanish Quintain form of eight syllable (Iambic Tetrameter) lines. When written as a decastich (2 quintillas), the verse is known as Copla Real.  The topics for my Copla Real… Continue reading Mi Familia

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image link Late start tonight for Fandango's One Word Challenge, where the word is belong. A little bit of writing, then a diamante poem. I remember reading a book by Anne Tyler, “The Accidental Tourist”, a long time ago. Later I saw the movie, which was good, starring William Hurt and Geena Davis. I don't remember… Continue reading Famnimals

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image link The world of social services, neglect/abuse cases, family courts, has a term for individuals who aren't biological family but act in the same capacity as family. The term is fictive kin. When children (using children here but it could be one child) are removed from their biological parent(s) for allegations/substantiations of abuse/neglect, often… Continue reading kin(d)

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Poetry Day 13 — Attitude & Price

Today's offering is in the following form: The Blitz Poem, a poetry form created by Robert Keim. The prompts for today's OctPoWriMo includes, "If I Were You. Are there things you sometimes need to get off your chest? When was the last time you felt strongly that someone needed to see things from your point… Continue reading Poetry Day 13 — Attitude & Price