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image link The world of social services, neglect/abuse cases, family courts, has a term for individuals who aren't biological family but act in the same capacity as family. The term is fictive kin. When children (using children here but it could be one child) are removed from their biological parent(s) for allegations/substantiations of abuse/neglect, often… Continue reading kin(d)

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Poetry Day 13 — Attitude & Price

Today's offering is in the following form: The Blitz Poem, a poetry form created by Robert Keim. The prompts for today's OctPoWriMo includes, "If I Were You. Are there things you sometimes need to get off your chest? When was the last time you felt strongly that someone needed to see things from your point… Continue reading Poetry Day 13 — Attitude & Price

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Poetry Day 12 — Lunch with Mom

Part of OctPoWriMo prompt today talks about tortured in the context of love, where, "Torture is defined as 'the action or practice of inflicting severe pain on someone as a punishment or to force them to do or say something, or for the pleasure of the person inflicting the pain.' "  One of the suggested… Continue reading Poetry Day 12 — Lunch with Mom