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Dragon Dance

image link cosmic miscreant, rude carapace embered essence, sandalwood face propelled missile, mystic cannon heaven's myst there came a dragon. amber magnets fused libido writhing tendons stretched to and fro drunk from Amphictyonis' flagon lust's contorted dancing dragons threading clouds with golden linings no firewall could quench their pinings immolation poofed they blackened to ash… Continue reading Dragon Dance

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Sunday Writing Prompt “The Vampire Charles Baudelaire” — Helleborus

Today, 5/2/19, I'm linking this poem to dVerse for OLN.   https://youtu.be/7b2VsXq2vx0 The Sunday Writing Prompt from Mindlovemisery Menagerie is to write poem, story, or create a work of art to the poem in the video.  I wrote this one today and it's a good fit for the prompt.  I will also include a collage… Continue reading Sunday Writing Prompt “The Vampire Charles Baudelaire” — Helleborus