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Doodads — road trip — Felt Mansion

Yesterday I took a road trip to The Felt Mansion.  Although I had JUST put new batteries in the camera, AND the camera was a trooper until the end of my walk around the property, when I looked at the pictures, only 25% or so showed up.  This is a major disappointment because most of… Continue reading Doodads — road trip — Felt Mansion

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see you on the flipside

There are a lot of this'es and that's going on right now that are pulling me away from the keyboard.  Not insignificantly is what feels like inflamed tendons in my right wrist.  The tendons need rest.  Starting now and until next Tuesday I'll be on vacation from WP.  See you all on the flipside!

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Doodads (not photos of the garden)

Just a few things that don't fit neatly into other posts. Oat Milk It's official.  I'm now using oat milk in my coffee instead of unsweetened almond milk.  I decided to give oat milk a try after reading an article about the harmful effect on the environment almond milk has, especially on bees that are… Continue reading Doodads (not photos of the garden)

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Doodads — Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart talk

My two favorite "comedians," that I see more as beacons of truth that also happen to be funny, Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart, talk a little about the revolution going on in the streets that began with the murder of George Floyd.  Let me rephrase that.  What sparked the revolution in the streets has been… Continue reading Doodads — Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart talk

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Doodads — not garden pictures

This will be random sayings, thoughts, and a dream. Dotty in the Sun I walked near Dotty where she slept in the sun and petted her in passing.  She rolled onto her back and laid there, inert, relaxed and happy. I remember the first time I saw her, curled in a tight ball on top… Continue reading Doodads — not garden pictures