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Doodads (not photos of the garden)

Just a few things that don't fit neatly into other posts. Oat Milk It's official.  I'm now using oat milk in my coffee instead of unsweetened almond milk.  I decided to give oat milk a try after reading an article about the harmful effect on the environment almond milk has, especially on bees that are… Continue reading Doodads (not photos of the garden)

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Doodads — Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart talk

My two favorite "comedians," that I see more as beacons of truth that also happen to be funny, Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart, talk a little about the revolution going on in the streets that began with the murder of George Floyd.  Let me rephrase that.  What sparked the revolution in the streets has been… Continue reading Doodads — Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart talk

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Doodads — not garden pictures

This will be random sayings, thoughts, and a dream. Dotty in the Sun I walked near Dotty where she slept in the sun and petted her in passing.  She rolled onto her back and laid there, inert, relaxed and happy. I remember the first time I saw her, curled in a tight ball on top… Continue reading Doodads — not garden pictures

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Doodads — sunset over Lake MI 052720

I mowed the yard less than 2 weeks ago, but the weather has made it grow like weeds.  It was a scorcher out there so I waited until around 6pm to mow, then immediately jumped in the shower as I saw the creeping menace of poison ivy all along the edge of the lawn along… Continue reading Doodads — sunset over Lake MI 052720

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Doodads — the yard — taken 5/23/20

With the current heat wave, things have moved along even more since these were taken 3 days ago!  My tomatoes are anxious to get outside but I'm waiting until 6/1 to take a chance. There is a chipmunk turf war going on here under the bird feeders.  Unless that's love?  There is an awful lot… Continue reading Doodads — the yard — taken 5/23/20

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Doodads — Two Hung Low and Jeremiah

I stayed up late last night watching episodes of, "Justified," and didn't get up until almost 1 today -- say what?!  Usually there is a set routine of turning things off, turning things on, opening things, closing things, etc.  Not this morning, er, afternoon.  First thing was opening up the bedroom door to look at… Continue reading Doodads — Two Hung Low and Jeremiah

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Doodads — 5/18/20

Update:  Curiosity got the best of me, so I went to Old Faithful YouTube and found out what it is. https://youtu.be/MbC_CLZao-Y It says they need to be at least 3 years old to blossom, but mine is only a year old (or a year after planting the store-bought plant.)