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Doodads — wow Friday the 13th???

I just realized it was Friday the 13th. So far so good! image link Viewing The first thing I wanted to talk about is the 2-hour documentary I watched last night, called, “Bob Dylan: 1966-1978: After the Crash.” The netflix blurb says: This documentary covers the so-called middle period of iconic musician Bob Dylan's career.… Continue reading Doodads — wow Friday the 13th???

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Friday Evening Doodads — yard update

It's time I did another update on the yard.  Remember when I was complaining that all of the Asiatic lily variety pack were the same (beautiful) shade of pink?  Well those ones were the early birds and have come and gone.  Right now some of all of the rest are open, and oh my goodness… Continue reading Friday Evening Doodads — yard update

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Monday Doodads — more yard pics

Don't think I'm ungrateful.  These giant beautiful lily blossoms are to be enjoyed and appreciated.  They are so fragrant!  I saw a hummingbird moth at them for at least a few minutes yesterday.  What is troubling is that this was supposed to be a 20-bulb VARIETY pack, with each variety chosen by color and name. … Continue reading Monday Doodads — more yard pics

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Thursday Doodads — Flora & Fauna out back

An abrupt early afternoon thunderstorm blew through here and then it was back to hot and muggy.  Not nearly enough rain came down.  It's staying in the air.  I did get a chance to walk out back today and check on things.  Mostly good, some things of concern.  Some pictures and videos.  Hope you enjoy… Continue reading Thursday Doodads — Flora & Fauna out back

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Saturday Doodads — Garden Tour

Today a friend and I toured 8 different gardens in 80+ degree heat.  The temp in the car said 88 on the drive home.  Thankfully some of most of the gardens were in shade which helped.  Before going on to the pictures, I have to say a universal plant in each of the yards was… Continue reading Saturday Doodads — Garden Tour

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Friday Doodads — The yard

It's been in the 80's all week, which means too hot to do much outside for most of the day.  I just went and got the mail out of the box, deadheaded the hanging basket of petunias and verbenas the kids got me for my birthday -- yes, I just had a birthday, yay --… Continue reading Friday Doodads — The yard

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Doodads — The Yard — 6/18/19

I took all of these on Monday, 6/17/19 and tried to capture anything in the yard that looked interesting. Clearance hostas I bought last year.   fish with a ground cover.  have had this for awhile   peace lily in bloom.  this plant came from my stepdad's funeral climbing rose bush that was here when… Continue reading Doodads — The Yard — 6/18/19


Sunday Doodads

It's another day in paradise.  Things have greened up like you wouldn't believe.  How flora and fauna can go from dormant and colorless to bursting with life of every hue is a miracle most appreciated this year. In 5 days, I will have been retired a year.  Maybe it is because the days have not… Continue reading Sunday Doodads

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Saturday Doodads — The Yard

This edition of Doodads will take you on an abbreviated tour of the yard, as I walked around on my way out to the mailbox. The first picture is the growing fancy Asiatic Lilies I planted in the fall.  These are going to be gorgeous!  They were planted in suet cages to keep the ground… Continue reading Saturday Doodads — The Yard