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dVerse — Let Autumn Wait

It seems as though you are still summerby W.S. Merwin, from “To the Light of September” It seems as though you are still summeras dawn's pink flame melts crystal dewand winds dance with sunflowers. Live, green-infused canvasand pears unperfumed,you play to stay. Let autumnwait for us.       Image:  "Doe Under Pear Tree," taken… Continue reading dVerse — Let Autumn Wait

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dVerse — last lines — Chuck Palahniuk

Molar encasing hollow filled deadly cyanide, no longer of purpose for this agent.Begins here new life of operative me. --from Pygmy   And maybe knowing isn't the point. Where we're standing right now, in the ruins in the dark, what we build could be anything. --from Choke   Metaphysical coordinates exes and whys in tic-tac-toe… Continue reading dVerse — last lines — Chuck Palahniuk

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dVerse — A Fixed Place

image link Anmol (HA) is the host of dVerse today. Anmol says: For The Tuesday Poetics, I am, therefore, asking you all to explore geography in your poems. There are different ways of going about it — you can explore and inculcate the various subjects that are a part of the study of geography like… Continue reading dVerse — A Fixed Place

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https://gfycat.com/adorablefavoriteanhinga gif link The Word of the Day Challenge is resolutions. Fandango's FOWC is enigma. The offering today are two nonets, one a reverse (the first one is the reverse), but each uses both prompts for today. I also tried to make them complement each other. Orb Focus Of varied Resolutions Generates versions Enigma of… Continue reading Mirrorball

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Secret keeper’s challenge #173 solar plexus of fear

Fear invades rooted desire's plexus Trembling depths, soul's tender nexus Agony's blow alters snow Blue white ice, red blaze fire To die – or to kill Strong, just a word Love, just me Show me Now solar plexus chakra image link The secret keeper's weekly writing challenge #173, using the words:  tremble, hit, desire, alter,… Continue reading Secret keeper’s challenge #173 solar plexus of fear

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Poetry — Dancing with Danger

image link The prompt word for #FOWC today is danger.  Today's offering is a nonet and a reverse nonet. Fear exists only because of danger. Real? Imagined? Despots know that creating an illusion of a reality that all is danger means they can rule through keeping subjects scared. How do we break out of the… Continue reading Poetry — Dancing with Danger

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Day 23 — OctWriPoMo — Fall

image linkimage link Nonet, poetry form with 9 lines and syllables equal to the line number. Fall serves as season and as actor Cloud blankets squeezed of daily drops Apples dripped off their branches Wet wings drop altitude Temperatures ebb Daylight dwindles Seeds plummet Moods dip Moon