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#MLMM First Line Friday — 1/18/19

image link Your line for this week is: “Well I think it’s funny!” For years, Ginny had been brow-beaten, gaslighted, and treated as an inconvenience with a weak mind by her husband, Geoffrey. It started when they first met. Within minutes Geoffrey was correcting her speech and giving her advice about what to choose from… Continue reading #MLMM First Line Friday — 1/18/19

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Night Brew

image link Fandango's One-Word Challenge (#FOWC) is special.  The Word Challenge of the Day is enrapture. She walked the fields and down by the stream all morning, then into afternoon, looking, smelling, and listening for her ingredients. With the ones she already had in her spice chest, there were only a few left to complete… Continue reading Night Brew