random acts of kindness

Last week when out and about doing errands, I did the drive-thru at Little Caesar’s and got their lunch special which is 4 squares of pizza and a 20-oz pop.  They are always friendly at this drive-thru.  Getting home, sitting in front of the computer, and opening up the box, this is what I found….

A Christmas Eve Prayer

Today and every day a wish: as we experience moments, we each resonate in mind, body, soul; shine light within ourselves and towards others. With peace so reign on Earth top image:  my photo of a holiday decoration at the hair salon form:  Waltmarie.  The “Waltmarie” was created Candace Kubinec. The Waltmarie form is a…

dVerse Poetics and earthweal OLW 148 — Winter Light

when energy spins away with mother sunmute blanket’s dark dampens our warmthmaker’s kind start: the cold light of snow,a spark that ignites spirits’ lumen glow.we clay take gifts, fashion night to dayand create season’s charged illumination; pull together gatherings for illuminationwith fervent pleas for quick return of sun. wreathes of ever greens light holly days.hat…

Thursday Inspiration 57 — rise to color

From watery shadow’s limbo Burning embered love does rise To glow on spirit’s tippy toes Monochromatic suffocation Flooded with oxygenated hues Then sighing, recede, and rest.   Paula Light is the host of Thursday Inspiration.  Paula says: This week’s theme is sunset and the picture is below. Here is the song snippet from “Sunrise Sunset,” a…

Light of Day #1 Colbert & Lithgow

Watching this youtube gave me an idea for a new feature.  I’m going to try to find one thing to share each day that brought light into my world.  Please feel free to share anything that brought you light in the comments. This is a conversation between Stephen Colbert and John Lithgow.