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#MM Saturday Mix — Too Many Desserts

  Too Many Desserts All flesh is meat, our tastes we sate On carnal plate Our earthly mete The seasoned heat Not care nor pride for what we do Before we're through The harms we cause Will give us pause Our time on earth has been pried loose Necks in the noose So go we… Continue reading #MM Saturday Mix — Too Many Desserts

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Sycamore Sun

Orb speaks to me from dappled boughs: “My grace allows This perfect place Upon your face.” “On Autumn days I like to shine Warm earthly shrine Thank you who pray For sun each day.” “I make trees smile when I alight Leaves, bark shine bright I warm your bones I love our home.”   Last… Continue reading Sycamore Sun

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OctPoWriMo2019 Day 2 — A hidden world

At night I glide with silent wings O'er fairie rings My vision clear Heart pure, no fear Perched in oak, in a moonlit glen Frogs tango when Rabbits thump time And toads drink wine Parties a privileged few see Only in dreams A hidden world Where magic swirls   Morgan Dragonwillow is the host of… Continue reading OctPoWriMo2019 Day 2 — A hidden world

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dVerse — George Harrison — Beware of Darkness

image link Dark Horse ”All things must pass”, you, dark horse said, Crown on your head, Hero unsung, Fab 4, among. Ghost in the flesh, you dared to care, To craft and share, Your shadows talked Your stumbled walk. You reached for us, our paths of dust. Listen we must. Your wheel rolled on --… Continue reading dVerse — George Harrison — Beware of Darkness

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A study in over

image link The Fandango prompt today is the word over.  Today's offering is in the form of a modified minute poem .  I first tried to think of the many uses of the word and tried to use it 3 different ways (or more) here. A Study in Over A fashioned world for you and… Continue reading A study in over

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Poetry — Nuked

image link Today's offering is in the form of a Minute Poem   Trapped twixt free and automaton Angst leaves me wan Some from other None from druther . Pacing the gears of clockwork orange Feel abhorrence Senses shiver Lenses quiver . Wings bound neatly upon my back From will I lack Inertia's doom Extinction's… Continue reading Poetry — Nuked

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Day 4 — OctWriPoMo — Clouds

storm clouds over lake mi 080215 This is my first crack at trying a poetry form other than haiku.  This one is called a Minute Poem, and I got it from shadow poetry.com .  Please, any poets, feel free to correct/critique its mechanics! Clouds The fluff of clouds are good for things – they store… Continue reading Day 4 — OctWriPoMo — Clouds