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Madame Godiva’s Tent

image link Summer was coming to an end. The carnival always arrived at this time of year. Jax and the other seniors had been waiting for it all week, and Friday was finally here. Jax & Li, Barry & Michelle, Brad & Angelina, and Ben & Jerry all met up at Jax' house, then caravaned… Continue reading Madame Godiva’s Tent

Fandango's One Word Challenge (FOWC) · fiction · short story


image link The drought in the small village on the plain had been five years long. Many decided to leave and seek a better chance at survival elsewhere. Those weak or otherwise infirm slowly faded away to the next plane. Only the hardiest humans and livestock held on. Family pets stayed close to home as… Continue reading Flood

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The familiar sound of mail being dropped through the postal slot caught Chauncey's bat-like ears. He jumped up and scurried across the wooden floors, his nails skittering like human fingers tapping on a keyboard, towards the door. Sniffing the mail, he then bee-lined it for the couch, leaping like the natural athlete he is, to… Continue reading Listless