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D&D in the DOC

Follow the link to the article that inspired this post: Dungeons & Dragons in the Department of Corrections Excerpt:  A psychologist named Frode Stenseng at the University of Oslo differentiates between two types of escapism: "self-suppression escapism" and "self-expansion escapism." The former is an avoidance tactic while the latter actively seeks new skills and strengthens… Continue reading D&D in the DOC

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Naomi Watts as Gypsy

I just started watching, Gypsy, on netflix a few days ago.  The blurb for description was a bit ambiguous, but it was enough to give it a try.  Here I am, 4 episodes into it. Naomi Watts plays the role of Jean Holloway, a psychotherapist and also the wife of successful businessman, Michael Holloway, played… Continue reading Naomi Watts as Gypsy

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The Salton Sea

I first learned of the Salton Sea back around 2004, when I went to a showing of, Plagues and Pleasures on the Salton Sea, at the local film festival.  I commend the two creators of the memorable documentary for doing such a good job of showing what is so special about the sea and those… Continue reading The Salton Sea

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Black Sheep

Looking through my library this morning, I came across a letter and some poetry a friend of mine sent me back in 1995, shortly after my father passed away.  It triggered an emotional response that there is space to allow its full expression.  Many times these triggers cannot be but fleetingly acknowledged, as they are… Continue reading Black Sheep


Lovely Rooibos

Not sure where I first came across rooibos, but I’ve been drinking it ever since.  It’s a mild but flavorful "tea"; as it has no caffeine, it may be drunk in the evening time.  I put a bit of honey and a fair amount of milk in.  Yum. Looking into rooibos a little further, it… Continue reading Lovely Rooibos