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Reena’s Exploration Challenge #74 — Prayer to Maa Durga

Reena is the host of this Exploration Challenge. Reena says: The prompt this week is a collage. Pick any one element of it (a picture or quote), or more and let the thoughts flow. The choice is yours. I choose to write about statue in the collage, who I thought was Maa Durga but found… Continue reading Reena’s Exploration Challenge #74 — Prayer to Maa Durga

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#FFFC Gaia’s Song

Gaia allowed her lovely creatures to have one last spring frolicking before it was time to go.  The space ship was waiting, hovering just above the turf in the U of MI stadium for now.  After each area was emptied and loaded the ship would move to the next stadium. Gaia called her creatures to… Continue reading #FFFC Gaia’s Song

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d’Verse — Invisible — Walking the Labyrinth

image link Merril is the host for dVerse poet's pub today. Merril says: Write a poem in any form that references invisible or invisibility. There are lots of ways to go with this, and I’m eager to see what the dVerse community comes up with. I’ve also just thought that an erasure poem might fit… Continue reading d’Verse — Invisible — Walking the Labyrinth

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The Dark Crystals of the Blood Wolf Moon

image link Fandango's FOWC is heretic, and the Word of the Day Challenge is zenith. The Global Resistance Interdimensional Movement (GRIM) had a plan. After years of meeting in chapters across the planet and communicating with other chapters on satellite-linked videochats, they finally had the grand plan in place. King Joffery and his Evil Cohort… Continue reading The Dark Crystals of the Blood Wolf Moon

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Lady Luna and The Red Screen

image link   Fandango's FOWC is plaster and the Word Challenge of the Day is dream.  Today's offering is for the wondrous performance last night. * Was I asleep in last night's dream, when I saw Lady Luna plastering Heaven in a creamy bright sheen? * With an aura of crystalline diamond white, her fans… Continue reading Lady Luna and The Red Screen

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Wolf Blood Moon Eclipse Plus…

I started taking these at 11pm and about every 15 minutes.  The last one was at 11:40. It's 11:52 right now and it is a dark red/rust color not showing up on the camera. The creamy goddess slowly pulls up her red shroud while we watch in awe. * The following offering was done using… Continue reading Wolf Blood Moon Eclipse Plus…

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Not that God

image link The Word of the Day Challenge is hymn.  Fandango's One Word Challenge is contrast. Every Sunday, it was the same routine. Same old sermons, same old songs. Until that one Sunday, when our pastor was gone and we had a substitute. The substitute was a young woman who had spiked blue hair, a… Continue reading Not that God

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Masters of all

image link Fandango's FOWC today is property.  I asked myself when in history did property become owned and how did it come about.  Even today, many cultures do not believe in property ownership.  Today's offering is a cinquain form. Gaia Man's property? From revered to enslaved Her giving spirit is distressed Chattel FOWC -- property

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Poetry Day 15 — Blanket coverage

image link Part of today's prompt for OctWriPoMo is:   What protects you like an umbrella? What shields you? What covers you? Thinking about this briefly, it was clear that there is nothing comparable to the protection outlined in the 23rd Psalm of the Christian Bible.  I use it daily and it is the unfailing blanket… Continue reading Poetry Day 15 — Blanket coverage

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Day 6 — Look Up

image link The form is a rondeau. A Rondeau is a French form, 15 lines long, consisting of three stanzas: a quintet, a quatrain, and a sestet with a rhyme scheme as follows: aabba aabR aabbaR. Lines 9 and 15 are short - a refrain (R) consisting of a phrase taken from line one. The… Continue reading Day 6 — Look Up