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dVerse — list poem — pumped

Acceleration heart thumps Beauty Curves Dynamic lean muscles flex Exhaust Fast fit endurance Grip Handlebars a solid hold Injection Joy mufflers rumble Kick-start again, Mick! Leathers slapping, Sheryl Maintenance everlubes Noise duets Open road Performance wherever, whenever Quick Rally electrolytes, shower Sleek Throttle pumped, Steven Unsafe Richard Victory bareback Wind resistance X-rays fight the power… Continue reading dVerse — list poem — pumped

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Day 21 — OctWriPoMo — Nothing Remains the Same

image taken at Gilmore Car Museum at Hickory Corners After so many paralyzing ruminations, yet Before being able to talk myself out of action Came the revelation that I can Do whatever I choose as a path on this Earth.  That well-worn, logical options aren’t always the best. Fear, the consummate servant of the psyche… Continue reading Day 21 — OctWriPoMo — Nothing Remains the Same